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My poem written for her, to let her know never again... Read More
I decided to write a poem about 'My Perfect Day' - I hope you like it! :) Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Another poem again from boredom! Enjoy! ~Alizzia Read More
This story is about what happens when a boy is blamed for the murder of his best friend. ~The characters and any incidents in this story are purely fiction. Any similarity with any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental. ~The content is COPYRIGHTED. ~The story is PURELY for ENTERTAINMENT… Read More
true short story Read More

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Ajit was sad. He was missing his parents a lot. He was playing guitar for a diversion. He was a student of class 10. When he was in class six. His father Sudarshan and his mother Kalyani died in a road accident. The whole family was drowned in the ocean… Read More
Based loosely on my own experience. Read More
This short story is about a man who is a serial killer during the night, and he goes by 'The Laughing Man'. Read More
This short story is about the thoughts of a girl who is kidnapped at a very young age. Read More

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This essay is about how to control your emotions...HOPE YOU LIKE IT :)) Read More

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There are always 2 sides to a story. Read More
This story is about what happens when a woman, her best friend and her ex-classmate are in the middle of an interview and the gas from a nearby petrochemical plant leaks. Hope you like it :)) ~The characters and any incidents in this story are purely fiction. Any similarity with… Read More
Being Autistic, it is sometimes hard to have a relationship... there are struggles, that make it hard work.... but sometimes if you find the right person, love can overcome anything. Read More

Featured Review by Spyguy

"I have an autistic daughter, I love the way you have expressed here your frustration, & your joy! Hang in there, have faith & trust in your man,..." Read More

You know when you love someone and you want it to work out because you’ve gotten so attached but you’re just not happy and there’s nothing they can say or do to change that Read More

Short Story / Other

February 09, 2021

Just my first attempt at writing. Its the beginning drafts of a short story. A single woman discovering she is pregnant in the midst of an alcohol addiction. Read More
A sad story about a fox discovering his purpose. Read More

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February 01, 2021

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The Booksie Classic House

An attempt to write a Carrollesque style poem. Cover image: Read More

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