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Mother Teresa, the irrepressible spirit who served Calcutta's unwanted, un-cared for, and unloved IF YOU HAVE THE TIME, I WOULD APPRECIATE A COMMENT Read More
The spoutin' fountain living without sin can move mountains, do not doubt him. Out and about loudly shoutin' from tops of houses feeding crowds of thousands. He has aroused now every knee shall bow than. I'm scoutin' for the one I count in. I won't amount to him, but… Read More

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March 01, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

A poem telling a few things about St David. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A quick story about one of the things that made St David so famous. A Bloody battle. Read More
With Britain lurching politically to the right and international tensions constantly being raised to dangerous new platitudes, Cole Newman searches for the priest who put him through so much terrifying pain. Trapped in Father Doyle's home-made red room during a nuclear strike, Cole must confront his demons before they… Read More
This poem is about a unique experience that shapes your life as a blessing ever lived to gift the endless joy of your heart for this loving world around. May you simplify those steps every beautiful day you live here. :) Read More
I just felt like writing something to celebrate St Patrick's day. Before he worked with the church, St Patrick was kidnapped by pirates. I have created a fictional version of the events after written from Patrick's perspective. Read More

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This a moral oriented short story. Read More

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A short non-fiction article on the history of Valentines day. Read More
This is a brief description of what a Maltese religious festa is about. Read More
Elderly Saint Keaven had devoted his entire life to the service of Yesh, but a stubborn witch threatened to frustrate his plan to restore a monastery for Yesh. Read More
About our work at The Latin Mass association of Northwest Kansas and what our mission is and what we hope to do in the future. Read More
Have you ever met anyone that you believe could reach out there hand and touch God because they were just so close to him? I have. Read More
Every one know what is honest but don't know this article may help you. Read More

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Contest price about holidays.I chose st. Patrick's day obviously.tell me what you think people. I hope you enjoy my piece. Read More
(TW) Renee Maybeel was a relatively innocent 18 year old at Greensbinn Highschool last year during her senior year, but now that her highschool sweetheart, Michael, has left for the army, Renee has had troubles adjusitng to life without him. His absence has made her panic attacks and depression come… Read More
After a great Nuclear War, the United Earth Corporation took to building prisons the size of countries. A lost, confused but determined Convict treks the deserts and cities of Area 17, in search of answers, a friend and liberty.... Read More

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This poem is about how bad religiousness can be. God is not a religion He is life! Read More
Saint Nicholas's life is in danger, at the hands of a group of marauding Scottish eight-year-olds. Murdo, the only one still on Saint Nick's side, is determined to save the right jolly old elf -- a task not made easier when the chieftain of the clan, a bishop, and sundry… Read More
some days earlier, i was shocked by the sad demise of my friend.despite of having very good qualities, he abides very bad company yet to pursue them rigorously without knowing them.envisage of these thoughts compelled me to write about the bitter realities of todays world.its my first ever writing. Read More
yet another poem hand-crafted in the middle of the night. i hope you like... leave me comments lovelies!! Read More
We are all saint and we are all sinners... Please comment! - BVF Read More

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A re-imagining of the tale of Saint George and the Dragon, a boy suddenly shifted to manhood, a legend born from one heroic deed. Read More
The drops of water dripped down from the leaves up in high branches of the trees. The sun shining against the golden eyes of a teen-aged wolf who was all alone. He padded around in the high grasses as they brushed against his haunches. The green glowing on this certain… Read More

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December 10, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

Who killed Santa Claus? Read More
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