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A young man finds a strange book in his attic. Read More

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It's a story about a girl, who got into a book, and have to uncover the truth behind Salem witch trial in order to get back to the real world. Read More

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i was trying to go for the salem witch trials and be as close to the real story as possible while not boring but of course it was probably pretty far off. Read More

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Short tale about a witch. Read More
An account of my meeting with the descendant of Bram Stoker. Read More
Marnie Watson moves to New Zealand and quickly becomes friends with a charming Mr. Allister. A boy named Cecil also perks her curiosity. Read a thriller based on a triangle of love, heartbreak, forbidden witchcraft and more... Read More
A story of a lady's experiences in the Salem Witch Trials. Just a preview of my current work-in-progress, 'The Phoenix Trilogy'. Please excuse the font, it is there to simulate the handwritten nature of the story. Read More

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January 22, 2015

"Salem ain't no place to be sorrow girl," - Alex Woodrow Read More
A narrative about a small town that makes a remorseful mistake. Read More
A story about a family of three and a brother avoiding judgement in 1692 during the salem witch trials. Read More
Hang the 'Cyst' is a short story that is based on the song "Hang The Cyst" by The Last Shadow Puppets. This short story takes place over the course of a few days during the 1692 Salem witch trials in which a 16 year old boy named Azariah finds himself… Read More
After witnessing her own mother being trialled for witch craft, Dorcas Good, a four year old, finds herself facing accusations of her own. Set in the streets of Salem, this story follows the experiences of Dorcas’ trial and her time spent in jail. The Salem witch trials were an extremely… Read More

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Exciting new author, Tina Kaleal, gives us a mystery that is set against the backdrop of Salem, Massachusetts. She shows us a slice of small town American during the Halloween season. But, there is more slicing going on this Halloween that ever expected. Read More

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February 15, 2013

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It is a necessity. I will get over it. How I do it, is up to me. What path I choose to follow, is up to me. To whom my heart belongs, is up to it. I am Salem Brise, and I live in the past. Read More
This is the Biography for the characters. their Age, Birth dates, fun facts about them, & even pics! :)) hope you like it :D Read More
Kat has always loved her California lifestyle, but when her great grandmother passes away, she is forced to move to her grandma's home in Socville,an island property of England,to help her sort through some things. Upon arrival Kat is interduced to a world of terrifying mean girls with cravings for… Read More
The truth behind the trials. Read More
HER life is in danger BECAUSE OF what he said. Will Henry never watched out for what he says until on his 18th birthday, Macy Stans plays a prank on him causing him to joke around and say that she will end up like the Salem Witches. Since he is… Read More
This story is a Fictional Documentation of a Year in the Life of an accused Witch in 17th Century Salem. **Please Rate & Comment - Thanks** NOTE: This is an Excerpt, not the full novel. Read More
The streets of Salem may seem abandoned at midnight, but Nikolai Olsov is about to find out that he's not alone... Read More

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Arabella, a girl whose sister Abigail is afflicted in the Salem witch trials. Note most of these characters are fictional. Read More
A teenager gets transported back to the 1600s in Salem, Massachusetts. Not only that, she is now in the place of someone else, and right at the time where people are starting to question their neighbors and turning people in to the judge with the claims of them being a… Read More

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May 26, 2010

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100 years after the witch trials of Salem. A merchant, Job Whithers was haunted by his beloved, The Goddess Caroline Chambers. When Job and Caroline's affair was found out. Her family, the Dianic Tradition. Forbid her to see Job. Job was of the Pictish Tradition.In 1792 Job and his followers… Read More
What caused the Salem Witchcraft Trials in 1692? Read More
" If you kill one person; you are consider a killer. If you kill ten people; you're a serial killer. If you kill over a hundred people; you're a mass murderer. And, if you kill everyone; you are a God. " - Unknown Enter a world unlike our's. A world… Read More
This Story Is About Me And This guy I like a lot. I'll write every sunday (cause thats when I see him at church). If I get at least one comment I'll write it if not then I wont. Read More
When young Crispus thinks living a poor life is the worst, he doesn't realize the truth about his only friend, a cat is shocking and his master's truth is as well. He finds himself trying to hide them from death upon gallows. He also finds himself in a bit of… Read More
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