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High praise for the Pinto Bean in this wise and insightful poem to its visual, auditory and olfactory beauty. Read More
A culinary adventure with a waiter who knows the product. Read More
High priced Senatorial call girl steals civil servant's breakfast and lunch at a D.C. Starbucks. Read More

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Megan Pierce was a seventeen year old ballroom dancer, who was studing in "Cance University of Performing Arts" she had a major in dance, she was jolly, funny and living each day with insanity and to the fullest was her moto. But she also had this no dating policy after… Read More
These are the following people who represent my characters from my new novel, "SAVE THE LAST DANCE" a romantic book based on the life of two dancers. Read More
Some people are not meant to Find love or happiness. Some people like this are born unable to trust anyone. Some people like this are unable to trust anyone because of what people have done to them. Some are meant to be miserable. Some people like Elizabeth Scotty. Read More
Sean is from another country, where everybody is free and they don't have a permanent higher power. Wes is from a strict totalitarian country where obedience is key. They are twins that get back together from a government mistake, they get along really well. Wes copies and follows Sean, making… Read More
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