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Describes the crucial moment of man's history, connected with the pivot to spiritual development. Gives the main clues for man's salvation. Read More
A strange story of a kleptomaniac who stole a rare diamond, regretted, tried to use it for releasing his kidnapped daughter, and then found that he was not exactly a criminal Read More
Are you waiting for your salvation? Waiting for your rescue from all life's problems? Waiting for someone to give you all the answers? Well, I'm sure Godotal is sure to show and all will be well. The classification of it is humor which it is presented as but if you… Read More
Tracy Coquette, a one-piece-swimsuit-attired seductress, has a date with a man who is, to her dismay, a born-again Christian. And this good man did not flirt with her; instead, he witnessed to her about the Saviour Jesus Christ. And in the end Tracy repented and got saved from her sins.… Read More
A Native American healer examines the futility of his abilities in a world where salvation is achieved through death. Read More
Flanders Nickels, a man yet lost in his sins, finds out that his Collie dog angel waiting for him in Heaven is instead a devil-dog waiting for him in Hell. God told him this. The day is December 14, 1990.. Eleven days later, on December 25,1990, a born-again lady, Lisa… Read More
Tracy Lawry August, Flanders's princess among the cheerleaders, consents to going out on a date with him and to rider their ponies to her secret place that is like Heaven to her, They arrive. And it is a flowing creek under a countryside bridge. She says that Heaven is all… Read More
Short poem about my struggles with depression Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

After fighting in the Second World War, Edmond O’Neil returns home, desperate to reconcile with his father, a man of eighty, who has become an invalid. In the process, he will discover a dreadful secret, one that will tear his sanity apart. Read More
Your destination has been map out and you know where you're going. You Read More
Do you worry about whether or not you are "still" saved? Well, rest assured if you are saved you are eternally secure. I explain the eternal security position and also respond to the most common objections to the doctrine. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A poem about the state of our world and how to deal with it. Read More
A simple worship song praising God and proclaiming His love for unworthy sinners. Read More
Too many believers do not understand the depth of the grace of God. Hopefully this brief article can help give just a glimpse of how deep God's love for us flows. Read More
A story of about Buddhist monk Upgupta. How he guided a courtesan named Vasavdutta to the path of salvation. Read More
Not your grandma's Sunday School religion. If you want raw commentary on modern Christianity tempered with sobering reality and confrontational contradictions, then you're in luck. Nothing is off limits for discussion- drinking, smoking, sex, marriage...we dig into what the Bible says about it, and for most of you, the answers… Read More
Is it possible to lose the very salvation God gives us which brings eternal life? Some would say "yes." I would like those individuals to answer these 12 questions for starters. Read More

Poem / Poetry

September 16, 2016

En petite poém, dans l'oscurité de la cœr. Read More

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We received mail every day it maybe a Statement for a Bill, Magazines or Read More

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The Contently Deranged Travelers House

Time travel and a medieval religious debate taking place on a planet of sentient dogs. Sequel to OF DOGS AND MEN and A TAIL OF LOVE. Read More
never give up Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

On the 19th of January 2013, I was rushed to the hospital late at night. I had attempted to commit suicide twice in the last two days, the latter attempt being about 5 hours earlier. It was a systematic plan that I was sure would work but because I had… Read More
One persons final conclusion on the road to truth and salvation. Read More
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