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The Booksie Classic House

The entire structure of Islam stands upon the belief that Muhammad was the greatest prophet in the history of mankind. As such, we would expect Allah to reward him with heavenly bliss immediately upon his death. Yet, Islam itself teaches that following his death, the greatest prophet of Allah descended… Read More
If you love someone you don't want to,and she happens to hate you,hope this helps. Read More
This is a Christian allegory. It was inspired by the Pilgrim's Progress. Please let me know what you think! Email me at: By Faisal Fransu Read More
"I am a soldier. A good soldier. But looking at my hands now, I see the stain of innocent blood. Blood that won't wash away...I look at my reflection and I see the truth of what I've done. And I see the consequences..." Read More
This is for the people who have lost hope, and are having trouble finding the way out of the darkness. I try to show what the mind can make us think, and how is controls us. I am just a noob so i dont know what else to say, but… Read More
This is a page for the teen nonfiction book entitled Character Concert which is available from Read More
Its a poem based on my experiences with meditation. I really hope it turned out okay. Read More
This is my first attempt at the scifi genre The whole universe, in one swift movement has been thrown into a scientific period of darkness. Read More
A brief look at the word that gets translated as "eternal" in the Bible. Read More
Throughout the “Middle Ages” the Catholic Church was the main form of Christianity in Europe. Because of this the Church amassed a great wealth of economic power and political control within European Nations. On October 31, 1517 Martin Luther attached his 95 Theses to the local Church in Wittenburg calling… Read More
Some of what people should expect after the rapture of the Church by Jesus Christ. Read More
Braeden is a warrior in Hell's Army and is sent out as a scout. He encounters an angel and things don't quite happen like he planned. Read More
Life on earth has ended. It is over. But the final battle is still to come. Read More
Religion does not save those who turn its well to a grave Read More
The year is 2120, and the world as we know it is drenched in a full-scale philosophical revolution of "restoring human morality" in order to counteract the harsh effects of "human mortality." The following story takes place just before this revolution, in a time where most humans can only operate… Read More
When John, a conman, stumbles into a quiet little town in hopes of selling his swindle, he all too quickly finds himself in a land where logic has no place and much rather nonsense is much more important than its opposite. For this is the land of Streel and as… Read More
This is a poem about me and my sister (not that she's an angel or that I'm a demon or anything). But it's a poem I made pretty much saying how she's always been there for me even at my worst of the worst times of my life, and how… Read More
A short poem about salvation and strength through faith. Read More
Slash content, sexual and passionate connotations but not porn level, may leave interest on some open minded ones... Read More
A piece that deals with grief and salvation Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The last thoughts of a dying man descending into his afterlife. Read More
Had this title for ages but lost it. Never happy with the one I was using, so delighted to have rediscovered this one (same story though, sorry). Dixon is a giant in his own world - powerful, used to having his own way. Torn from this environment and plunged into… Read More
Stories of a crazed institute, filled with demons, trolls, vampires, witches, clowns, psychos, ghosts, and a human or two. Read More
We must be equipped with God at all times. Read More
This short story is written with the desire to help readers understand that they can conquer spiritually any tragedy in their lives. That they are beautiful, unique and eternal beings who can enjoy and make the most out of every moment. Read More
Revelation Introduction DailyBibleStudy.Org Well, I feel like the lights should fade out, the curtain should rise, and stirring music should reach deep inside of you and just twist your emotions to their limits. But, you’ll have to create that scene within your own mind for the time being. This is… Read More

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September 19, 2011

God. and me in God. Just GRACE Read More

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August 13, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

Stanly has run away from everything in his small town to california and now wants to start a new life no strings attached! Until he falls for a girl who is everything that he's not. Read More
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