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How it all began: A chairman who shares his great, great grand father's dream of helping moon colonists finds himself on a mission to surpass this vision. Whenever the chairman had a dream another one would bloom as well. The chairman's friend and engineer discovers the first asteroid auction to… Read More

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The first chapter on a longer story I am working one. Read More

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Spark Out is a gangland thriller not for the faint-hearted. It's 1982 and Big Mo Dolan is suffering from severe headaches brought on by family worries. He fears his young son is too soft, his wife too easy going, his dad disrespectful and his brother foolish for enlisting. But with… Read More
reasons... and darkness... Read More
Just the beginning still working on it Read More

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Sample of a story I'm writing. looking for constructive criticism and general feedback. Read More
2604, and the war started by the Liberators has no end in sight. As such, battles, skirmishes, and the occasional raid are not uncommon out on the fronts. This is in the Echo universe--a continuation, if you will. It's more of a sample of a much longer story than a… Read More
This is a very small sample of work that I have recently been working on. Critiques would be great. I really want to improve my writing in so many ways. This is basically about a teenager who considers herself lifeless, and often finds herself stuck in her own thoughts. Read More
Page Einhart is the last of what is known as a Life Weaver, one who can manipulate life itself. She sets out on a journey to meet her supposed death, or salvation. Only time will tell which one it will be. This is the first chapter of the book. Read More

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accord star friendship star love star reconciliation star truce star unity star amity star armistice star cessation star conciliation star concord star neutrality star order star pacification star pacifism star treaty star Read More
(Sample) One day a boy invited a girl he liked over to play toys. He showed the girl this giant dragon who has two sets of wings. The back wings are used for steering and the front to set sail. The boy couldn't stop playing toys until he got the… Read More
A darkness between us By Amanda Shelton Byline I wrote this for my own personal reasons. I love romance and Gothic novels’. Read More
To sleep through the night during hospital stay is impossible. The CNA visits during midnight and again early morning to take vital signs. This experience is more debilitating than the treatment. Read More
The Boy Who Fell In Autumn is a remarkable story about young boy who is falling madly in love with a girl. THIS IS A SAMPLE OF MY NEW NOVEL THAT WILL COME OUT SOON. Read More
This is a sample, done in poetic form, to my current work in progress, Question Marx: Searching for Answers. I'm not certain if it will be a short story, a novella or a novel; I just have to see where the story takes me. Read More
This is the very beginning of a novel I would like to write. I started it like 10 months ago (this isn't all I have), but I kind of lost interest in writing it. If i can get enough good feed back and stuff I'll continue writing it. So ya.… Read More
Some off the cuff prose to see if you like my style before yoiu start to read my novels Read More
This is a story idea I had, or at least one chapter of it. Tell me if I should continue it. Read More
“I heard good things about you, I hope you can help,” the voice came from an old person sitting in dark green ‘Humber’, an old British auto make. It was in the parking lot of sugarcane research station in Jamaica. Juggernaut looked inside the car carefully to see who was… Read More
YOU COULD READ THIS LATER - - The point of the first page is to capture interest and create more question, but also introduce the reader to the world. When I was writing this, I had to succeed in making a beautiful introduction that would lay the path for the… Read More

Poem / Young Adult

July 22, 2009

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I wrought this not just for my girlfriend Hali but also to see if in any good at raping so if i get good reviews from this i might lay down some more rhymes for you hope you enjoy Read More

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Thie is a chapter from a novel that I am writting, please do not steal my work. Read More
Just my ramplings about the fashionable complications of being in a teenage wasteland called High School. Read More
2 poetry previews from the soon-to-be released published book Sky Black on Windowpane by Michael Maxfield. Read More
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