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The character known to the world as Santa Claus has a reality that is not as cheerful as most would believe. Read More
Young Danny Simpson waits up all night on Christmas Eve, determined to prove that Santa Claus is real, but the truth is not what he expected... Read More
Detrix is sick of working for the "oh so perfect" Santa Claus, who (by the way) is the complete opposite. But today is the day where it all ends. Read More

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Imagine if the Boogeyman and all the legends you have come to know were not just real but they were part of a secret society that shapes the world in which we live. Boogey is the story of Jack Leary, The Boogeyman, who against his own desires is forced to… Read More
A short story about Christmas, told through a child's perspective, containing rhymes. Read More
Santa Claus, the Magical is about a young boy and girl who are confused regarding the racial characteristics of Santa Claus. Their questions are confirmed when they eventually get to meet Santa Claus himself. Santa entertains the two young children, and they learn a very magical secret about Santa and… Read More

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I decided to describe Santa Claus with...describing words. Blah. :3 Yeah...I think it doesn't really make sense but hey. Don't judge. Some lines are creepy. So...Lol. Thank you and enjoy. Read More
Ever since grade seven, Amber has been getting bad luck in December. So naturally, she tends to hate the holiday season. But after she starts talking to someone, her luck has been getting better. She starts hanging with him. But she never knew something else would happen to her after… Read More

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A boy on Christmas Eve turns out to be someone we have all heard of.... Read More
Hello, this is Harlowe Pilgrim. When my novel, Jesus Vs. Santa wrapped, I conducted a series of interviews with some of its biggest players. The following is my interview with Santa and Mrs. Claus (also known as Kris and Jessica Kringle). Read More
Jesus and Santa's brush with skydiving greatness. Featuring Jesus and Santa as they appear in the novel Jesus Vs. Santa by Harlowe Pilgrim. Read More
The author Harlowe Pilgrim interviews Mary Magdalene - also known as Mrs. Jesus Christ. Read More

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This time of year, good children get presents, but the bad children get Krampus. Read More
A 'rant' about how creepy Santa Claus really is. [Note: the pick says: He sees you when your sleeping...He knows when your awake...He knows when you've been bad or good...he's really kinda creepy when you think about it] Read More
A week before Christmas and Santa invades a family's home. See what happens when Santa goes bad. Merry Christmas. Read More
My Christmas card for all those here on Booksie. May your days be blessed with peace and love this and each holiday season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Read More
The story of a seven year old boy who learns the true meaning of the Holiday season. Read More
HAve you ever not gotten a gift you've wanted all year on Christmas morning? Sad thing, isn't it? Read More
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