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SAO is a famous and popular anime in the anime world but not everyone likes it and especially not me. here's some reasons why... Read More

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A Multi-chapter SAO Fan Fiction I am working on. Read More

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(Cover created by Mimi14Senpai) If you want to be included in this story, please comment the following information: - Name (Example: Ty Gamren) - Username (Example: TyDaSenpai) - Gender (Example: Male) - Age (Example: 15 years old) - Appearance - Personality - Outfit - Weapon or Weapons - Description -… Read More
So, you're looking at this description. Reading this and hoping for a worthwhile, unique Sword Art Online fan fiction. Then you see that I only have one actual chapter posted, and think, "Well, only one chapter? This must be crap." Well, don't judge a book by its cover. Especially since… Read More
Many of us SAO fans thought that the first half of the first series was the most interesting one but it didn't get the detailed passing from a level to another and focused more on the main chars and their 'love life'. Hopefully the new Light Novel series Sword Art… Read More
A list of books on the city of Sao Paulo, with emphasis in history and iconography. Read More
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