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Mary Rose is a successful young lawyer who plays as hard as she works. That is to say, she does in theory. In practice she works ridiculously long hours and playtime rarely seems to happen. The idea of attending a well-to-do gathering where no-strings sex is freely available appeals… Read More
Father anderson and sister hijiri are two zealots of different faith and for that they are at each others necks due to being cell mates in a prison for religious extremists, all religions of different flavors reside there and all are at war with each other, will these two… Read More
''You will be given a world and power you are ill prepared for'' Read More

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Meet Edward Crowefoot:devil worshipper, the most notorious murder in Scottish history. Read More

Short Story / Horror

January 26, 2015

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After the mysterious death of his sister, a young man is drawn to the town of Ashcliffe for her memorial service, much to his dismay. Read More
This book named Satanism From the Flesh. Containd 5 smalls chapter of philosophy that i came up with. Read More
This essay examines the moral vices that exist in the American society and their impacts upon it.... Read More

Book / Horror

February 21, 2014

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John Matthews has thought he escaped his childhood. But when his daughter finds an old picture of him and and his astranged brother, It awakens a side of him he thought was dead. His brother accidentally gets contacted in the process, Causing John Matthews and his family to be plummeted… Read More

Book / Fantasy

December 10, 2013

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Adele Masters is the perfect Christian girl - sweet, loves God, somehow manages to ace her calculus every time and could even make a career as a brunette model. There's just one problem - her best friend is a satanist, and one night, pressures her into participating in a ritual… Read More
There is something more than the five senses can see. There are things that you just don't understand, somethings that lurk in the night, when you close your eyes, when you see what is not meant to be seen. The control, the creation, the logic, the door way to creation,… Read More
I wrote this after an assembly about prejudice and discrimination Read More
A quick poem about the bible from my own point of view, it is in no way intended to offend readers, I would like to make that very clear. Read More

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The occult, the unknown - such a thing interests and frightens most people, enough for some to have curiosity in it. As it goes deeper, the elements of Satanism come in. Speak to anyone about it and it is usually looked down on. It is something that "you don't mess… Read More
A young teenager's angst and confusion. Whether to continue in my current mentality of existentialism without faith or to embrace my sinful nature or to follow the 'path of god'. Read More
Ever wondered, what is the truth ?This is a fraction of it Read More
This is the corner stone for the next evolutionary step in the satanic current! Here, a devout follower of Satan himself reveals his beliefs and gives a detailed account of how to hold a privet satanic ceremony! Read More

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Athena Morgan will have her revenge on the kids who did her wrong with the help of her new friends. Read More
Chapter One of Part Three of a series entitled Shining Armor--a romance/suspense trilogy, comprised of a novel and two novellas. In this novella, Jenna, a lovely woman who has been targeted as a victim by the most devious and frightening of men for the most brutal and insane of purposes,… Read More
Lilith, 17 and almost out of her house. She lives in Salem, Oregon. Her dad murdered her mother when she was 7, but got away with it due to a set up in his plan. Lilith has only 7 more months until she is out of this hell hole called… Read More
I do not believe in god, If you do then good for you. I simply don't and I will stay that way. This song is about My hate for religion and the fact that I AM MY OWN GOD Read More
The demons arrive in a Catholic church to hear the recent announcements from Satan about whats been going on in hell. Read More

Short Story / Horror

February 02, 2007

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Throughout history, there’s always been talk of the Antichrist, and speculation as to when he will arrive. Take a careful look around you – you may just find that he’s already here among us. Read More
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