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The first female POTUS gets laid in the oval office. Read More
Hats off to weight gain, wrinkles and memory loss! From motherhood, grandmotherhood, and everything in between, this book of mini-blogs is sure to make you smile as you plod through the trenches of middle age. Join the author as she survives the ‘boomerang kid’ syndrome with a raucous, metal-head son,… Read More

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Featured Review by judith layne Jerdé

"Mari’ emeraude, u are hands down the finest author I know of and so prolific! This stuff is hilarious! I hope you’ve entered your stories in..." Read More

I dedicate this book to my friends I made throughout my lifetime. You know who you are. Without your antics this book of stories would not be possible. Read More

Script / Humor

July 29, 2022

Satirical comedy, if you get offended dial 1800-no one cares-0211, explicit content, made for fun, no personal attacks, don’t get me cancelled! Read More

Essay / Humor

July 25, 2022

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The Booksie Classic House

Take a fall and you will learn... Read More

Short Story / Humor

July 05, 2022

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The Booksie Classic House

Famed rapper Eat-Monie decides on a whim to run for office, god help us all Read More
A reclusive billionaire looks back on his life Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Mouse in a microwave. Read More
A short story I wrote a while ago about a hermit up in some Appalachian mountain who must deal with the world he left behind encroaching upon his sanctuary. Read More
20 years ago, a harsh rejection resulted in a violent attack at a local summer camp. The survivor, barely holding herself together travels back in order to recover her life and her sanity. But something is lurking in the woods, watching her. Something is waiting for the right moment to… Read More
Wallécre handler Tosh is going to be the very best, like no one ever has been! But first, he has to get to Tangerine Town to defeat the local wallécre maestro, and another young handler, Richie, is standing in his way. His wallécre are going to have to battle right… Read More
As usual, Richard Simmons arrives at the office on Monday morning, makes coffee, and waits for the rest of his corporate team to drag themselves in - hangovers and all. But wait. They're not here. They're not even in Chicago. They're in Paris, and there seems to be some problem… Read More
Seems like April 1st has been going on for years... Read More
Once upon a time, a very clever merchant fell afoul of a nasty, brutish ogre with two heads… Will his cleverness be enough to help him escape an unpleasant fate? A fairy tale with a moral message. Read More
The title says it all. Read More

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A satirical view on the way the worlds of advertising and politics abuse the very core of language, which is communicating about the world around us in its broadest sense. Read More
Quite a lot has transpired since writing this - such is the speed of our history-engineers. The piece is probably a month or so old. Read More

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Part 7: Advanced Technology, Primitive Humans. We look at how technology has replaced humans in the age of Covid, and how the virus can be split into three categories: Positive, Negative and Neutral Covid. Read More
Part 6: The Variant. Just when we thought we had defeated Covid, it came back like a real life computer game boss, now stronger and smarter and more evolved than ever, with new weapons. Read More
Part 5 of 3: Cureporn and Travel Read More
Part 4 of 3: Own Nothing, Be Happy Read More
No spoiler needed here. Read More

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Part 4 of 3: Vaccinations and Coping Read More

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Part 2: Tests and Rules As the government discovered the symptoms of Covid were widespread, they turned us into widespread test subjects, and experimented on us with new rules and regulations in an effort to control a virus they knew nothing about. Hell on earth followed. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Pandemics. What are they? Why do they strike us? When will they fuck off? The WHAT THE HELL series investigates the latest mass manufactured doom to hit our planet, or this time, grow out of it. WHAT THE HELL gives a thorough background and explanation of COVID, the most poorly… Read More
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