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The story of two people who, somehow, switch souls and have to learn how to cope with their changed situations and their growing attraction to each other. Read More

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When he comes to save you... Read More
Lyrics for a Christmas song. Read More
a man's struggle with depression and loneliness fuels him to seek any cure of i through the one person he feels he knows could save him. Further Note This is actually something I posted for my creative writing class, so now besides his criticism of the character being inactive, I… Read More

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I don't have the gene Read More

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People with trust to give are like cigarettes other people smoke... Read More

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Seth Gorrin meets Jamie Luthor, and with him brings a lot of dark secrets, including his past with his abusive father that comes to haunt them both, will they be able to fight the dark that shadows them? Read More

Poem / Romance

November 24, 2017

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When all worlds come under threat, the guardian of eternity is awakened, Ekros. The battle that follows is him, vs millions of creatures bent on destroying everything they can. Read More

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July 06, 2017

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A Piece about a Butterfly which came to me while I was out having a picnic. Not Rhyming Poetry. Read More

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The stories of a fallen angel that hunts evil in an attempt to escape damnation. Read More

Poem / Romance

February 01, 2017

To the one who saved me. Read More

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This writing is not for entertainment, but for enlightenment, and education. It is an inspirational piece designed to encourage believers in a time of turmoil in our world today, with hope and some understanding. Read More
A Savior lives among us. Read More
This story is about two cultures when merge they bring their own confusions, see how a brother call received by brother. This story is a movie script, prior permission and compensation necessary. Read More
to save a world you know is headed for doom, is the greatest burden of all. Read More

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Commercialism, Materialism, Fantasies, & Idol Worship has replaced what and who Christmas is only about. Read More
I already have this poem published on another site. I like it because it is so simple. Booksie says that the name The Book is taken. Since I have already published it I cannot really change the name. So I will try to rename The Book (Also published at Read More
Paul gives us a great example of humility. Even in the longest self introduction of all his epistles, Paul keeps the focus where it should be. Read More
A meditation on the Mother of God, Mary Most Holy. Her role, Her importance, and Her prominence in Christianity and in the history of mankind. Read More

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Prince Nakoda is a young heir with a huge responsibility, to save the Kingdom of Greydell. He is a Refinian, prophesied to become King and rule... But will King Heroc of Greydell allow him to take the throne of Linshore? Dive in and take a mysterious journey with Nakoda as… Read More
What is the opposite of condemnation? Redemption? Salvation? In this personal testimony of mine, we will find out what is feels like to be completely redeemed...without deserving it. Read More
Sometimes we find ourselves burying our head into our hands with tears flowing down both cheeks. This is a personal testimony of internal conflict in which I found myself in that position..and also coming out victorious. Read More
I clawed at my skin and screamed at the air, because there must be something evil inside of me that killed my mother and destroyed my father from the inside out. Read More
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