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This story is based on true events that happened in 2 French prisons between June 2000 to July 2002. It is a story of events that became surreal, frightening, and funny. With an insight into the French justice system. A foolish person duped into the world of a small drug… Read More
"Summer lovin, had me a blast. Summer lovin happened so fast." Romance/ Love Challenge Entry. Read More
When Flin, a young boy, looses his family in a raid on his town, he embarks on a bloodthirsty quest for revenge,but he soon discovers something far more sinister underlaying the attack, something to plunge the world into the iron grip of a tyranical ruler. Can he follow in the… Read More

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Saxon's a well known player and womanizer. Holly is the local good girl, shy and studious. So when romance starts to bloom the outcome looks bad. Can Saxon learn to respect women and can Holly 'tame' his wold behaviour? To make things difficult, there trying to keep their new found… Read More
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