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The huckster is a curious breed, they will often sell things that will end up detrimental to themselves and others. --- But Hay, it is a way to make a buck. Besides, we will worry about tomorrow when the time comes. Read More
A poem I wrote based on a news story I heard this morning. Read More

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Jacob goes out to eat with some old High School Friends, Ethan tries to avoid Russian insurance scams and Ryan attempts to support himself and his band with a High School acquaintance’s business idea Read More
taken from my book, "Taking Our Sweet Little Time" Read More
An aging has been Rocker and a young man decide to fake the former stars death to create publicity that will sell his forgotten music. Read More
Madeline gets the chance to win 49,000 dollars, Ryan has his birthday party and receives IQ test scores and Rob and Jamie go on a sales call Read More
The Money Shot is a chaotic, hilarious, true story of how one bartender created such a sinister journal of scams, it became an infamous guide to making more money than he ever thought was possible; enough to start his very own bar with the ill gotten cash. The Money Shot… Read More
This is another article from ArticleBase. As the population of the paranormal and paranormal investigators rises, so do scams. Several of the haunted victims have also became victims of scams, told by fake paranormal investigators. Read More
In 2009 I sent a poetry collect for consideration to a name publisher, who sent me an almost obscene rejection slip, saying my work was so awful they would destroy unread anything else I sent them. As co-incidence (I'm sure!) would have it, the next day I received an unsolicited… Read More
Stupid People who fall for obvious scams! Read More
In life you meet characters and people who have profound impressions on your mind. Read More
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