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The high school account of four not-so-prestigious teens as they traverse their life through drugs, sex, pregnancy, social stigmas, abuse, and much more. No handbook comes with this life; rather, they struggle through their ordeals and attempt to write their own. Read More
Alexandra Beau-whitley and her best friend Georgia May Rowlins have it all in their empire. Both from wealthy important families, they have attended the private school, Dartmouth grammar, since the early years and best friends since year 7 and haven't been separated since. When she finally meets Jackson Herondale-Silver why… Read More
Rita carex is a happy 23 year old,she is a model,widely acclaimed,then she meets him,the one guy that seemed perfect,little did she know that he was her doom.. Read More
An essay I wrote for my honors English course. Not based on personal opinion. Read More
17 year old Hazel Stones is living the sweet life of Beverly Hills. She's often a troublemaker and a big load for her parents to carry but she has friends who are always there beside her. The one thing she always knew and the one line she would never cross… Read More

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July 11, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

This story is about 4 different groups of people. The Popular- Cheating ,scandals love, mistakes and humiliation. The Outcast- The lifes of the 2 outcasts of the school, and there relenship. The Brainiacs- Michael, Laura, Hailey and Ricky. How even the smartet people of the school have majour drama. The… Read More
I am Sydney Greenwood. In my school I'm known as emo/punk. Higschool is pretty hard for me. A bonus is that my ex-boyfriend Ian is the most popular guy in school and he works with me in New York... What could possibly go wrong? Try finding out that your best… Read More
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