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A young girl named Ally is a self employed adventurer and explores places for the news and small story places. she was off to look and wander around a old abandoned amusement park. but little does she know its not what she expects... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Anthony Wright is attending a 'singles night' at a local bar, hoping to find the girl of his dreams. As he encounters these different women, questionable events start to occur, and he begins to question REALITY and HIMSELF, all while being watched. "I wrote this story a few years back,… Read More
They say that you should never judge a book by it's cover, and in this story you can't always bank everything being as it seems in the border town of San Reno. The Bank robbery that has taken place would seem to be the folly of one man and the… Read More
A twist on a classic Scandinavian fairy tale. I wrote this back in 2018, and while I like to believe I've gotten better since then, I think it makes sense to add this to my portfolio. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I've decided to restart my love of horror with this compilation of new flash horror stories. Read More
In this short story Syndy get killed by unknown men which was a nose less man and another man in a mask. It was the start of trouble for Max. Read More
A family fighting a monstrous little beast in their home. Short - Short story : FLASH Fiction Read More
A child spending the weekend at their grandmother's house witnesses something horrifying. Read More
Dear Shelly. Where are you now? Read More
Just another day at the bar. I think. Read More

Tags: scary, murder, evil, devil, bar

Are claims of a giant bird in the sky real? Read More
A child describes the escalation of their father's sudden anger. Read More

Tags: dark, horror, scary, family, sad

During WWI, a group of soldiers have more to worry about than just the enemy... Read More

Tags: dark, horror, death, scary, war

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The Booksie Classic House

For a blind man, are nightmares still nightmares? Read More

Tags: dark, horror, death, scary, sad

A collection of short stories, shower thoughts, poetry, and song lyrics. Every time I find myself drifting into boredom I write or dream with my eyes open. These are just some of my discoveries from the depths of my mind. Read More
After the tragic loss of her father, Melanie has been trying to move forward. Sadly, his passing has left her expecting the worst in every circumstance. After graduating from college, she and her friend, Alex, both take to the waters of the Washington coast to enjoy an afternoon of canoeing.… Read More
Axelle Jackson is a writer at the newspaper in her small town. When murder begins to strike those around her, she investigates the story, but maybe finds out too much... Read More
"Welcome to The Lumber Jacks World Prepare For a Bloody Descent into The Terrifying Back Woods And The Terror Which Laid Within The Horror that Awaits...?" The Lumber Jack is a Horror Book in which I am still Working on, About a group of young Students from Summer Camp went… Read More

Tags: scary, sex, blood, gore, comdey

A piece I did a few years ago, about a day that happened a few years before that. Read More
This Story is about mannequin which is in wedding gown shop in Chihuahua, Mexico. Many people from all over the visit this shop just to see that mannequin. You may have heard about this In this story I have included more detail information about her Read More
I don't belong here... Read More
This is the third installment in the series I am writing, in which each story is based off of a photograph. I hope you enjoy, and thanks for checking out my work! [I do not own this beautiful image.] Read More
A boy's struggle with an ancient being... Read More
Trigger warning! This does have a dead body in it, as well as someone freezing to death. Read More
A kid gets dropped of at his uncles house during the summer, and doesn't think much about it until It shows itself. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

it is horror story that will give you a night mare..recommended to read at night... Read More

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The The Horror House House

A horror take on the origins of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale steeped in ancient Mediterranean mythology. It contains violent depictions of death. Reader discretion advised. An ancient temple is uncovered and Yancy Prince discovers the truth behind the horrifying tale of Sleeping beauty. The copyright-free photo was provided by… Read More
A horrifying short story from the 2nd point of view. You've awakened at night to find yourself in sleep paralysis. What horrors await? Read More
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