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After hearing a silly scary story, a teenage girl starts being haunted by it, making her realize that the story may not be so silly after all. Read More
This is my horror story. It's about a possessed ghost who is trying to kill a family. His family. Read More
A short story about a vivid dream I had regarding death, and the human condition. Read More
Maskers Town. An abandoned town visited by an adventurous brother and sister. Little do they know what the consequences of their curiosity will be... Read More
The (unnamed) protagonist of this story finds his niche in the world: Petit theft. Due to his increased amounts of money, he literally begins looking for ways to spend it. The quickest way: drugs. P.S. This was submitted to my creative writing class for Halloween :) Read More
Lynn was certainly haunted by her middle school experience with Jenny, the bully and her group of popular girls. But she has no idea that what haunts her home, may be the perfect revenge on Jenny, but with what consequence? Read More

Short Story / Horror

November 20, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

Leah is attacked by a strange figure while she is home alone Read More
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