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I wrote this, in 2015. It's part of my 2nd poem set, Comatose Rebirth. Read More
A big pile of thoughts about life all written at once without much order Read More
No time to read a whole short story today? Check out these short scenes instead. Only 35 to 75 words each! Read More
This work is a written out story of the plot of Dream Theater's music album, "Metropolis pt. II: Scenes from a Memory." Read More
This book is about a girl named Kate. Her life is all about poverty, all because of her parents. A few years ago her parents were trapped in a storm and died, but does she believe this? Could this be a plan of her evil twin sister Lauren who rules… Read More
just another poem from my poet mind. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Short story of approx 9,000 words. Sarah and Josh have both been let down in their relationships. Josh comes up with an ingenious plan to get Sarah away so she does not have to face all her well meaning friends. She is not keen on his plan but is absolutely… Read More
This is a new book, It's about 6 Family Members who have have moved to a new home in USA but something's can only be found below the DEPTH Secrets that can be answered and some things can't be hidden for ever or can they... ... - EdgeWing Read More
This is a true story. Honestly. But why believe what I say to be true? Why believe the truth of your friends, your lover, your mother or your father? This is a true story. Honestly. No, this is a big, fat lie. This is a twisting, a weaving of truth… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Hi! Doodle Girl here! Before I start, this is not an actual novel. Every 'chapter' is a different fun writing exercise, that you can try, followed by my example. I really hope you use this to become a better writer. I made up every one of these on my own.… Read More
Along side my parallel universe series I have another series of poems I plan on writing called "Scenes from my Memory". This one is about a very awful part of my life. Read More
Wrote this as an essay for school ... did pretty well. So I decided to see what others think about it. It's about a mannequin describing the streets at night. Criticism always accepted, but if you want to be mean go get a life please. k bye. Hope you like… Read More
So it goes like this...Talula is in love with Peter, but Peter is sleeping with Amber, Ashley, and Laura. Aaron is in love with Talula but she is already sleeping with Laura. Ashley is in dating with Curt, who is Peter's best friend. And Amber? Well Amber could get anyone… Read More

Poem / Poetry

August 04, 2010

A journal about my experience when I visited Asia;s largest mine in my own country and the wonderful scenery which reflects my own feelings on the wonderful spot! Read More
Two young lovers are trying deperately to stay together. A run away Assasin ,Silas,and a troubled girl with a troubled past ,Elly, try to understand each other, but the amount of secrets between them makes it hard. He wont show his face to her and she wont tell him the… Read More
Chris asked Ona to go on a date with him, but they didn't expected that they were being watched by A.J. and his friends. Read More
Insightful tips on writing the first novel. Step by step instructions and support. Read More
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