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This story is centred on an Academy that dwells at the centre of the cosmos. There exist multiple worlds that live unaware of the existence of one another. Throughout the ages, there had been no interaction amongst the worlds. However, a time was soon to come when the worlds… Read More
It's been a few months since the ending of book 2. Koga and his friends are living their lives but are suddenly thrown back into the world of magic and fighting when Demon Skull attacks their Homecoming at school. Now Koga and his friends must work together to stop… Read More
this is an assignment i did for a writing class. the prompt was "yesterday" but everything else was up to us. Read More

Book / Romance

October 17, 2018

Alex Key is not your everyday girl. During high school, calling her a trouble-maker is an understatement. Because of this, she wasn’t accepted into any colleges. That is until she got a letter from a strange school that was apparently training superheroes Of course she wanted to go. But… Read More
Thank you Leah (@storyofangels) for the splendid cover she created. If any of you want amazing cover like that, she is currently accepting request for covers so make sure to check out her page at I wanted escape. I wanted to run far, far away, to a world of… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

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Small Story on How I ended up getting terrible marks in my summative exams Read More

Book / Commercial Fiction

October 02, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

fictitious life of a boy that grew up into the man he detested Read More

Book / Humor

September 29, 2018

I'm starting my tenth year of high school. Let's see if I can get through this without anything weird happening. Read More
In a world of superpowers, 50% of the world's population has a unique ability. Some use it for good and some for bad. This is the story of a young boy with a big dream to become the greatest with the little power he has. **Updates every… Read More
In this short story, a young boy who disbelieves in the supernatural makes a sudden, terrifying connection with demons from another world. Do not read this story if you are alone in the house at night! Read More
Classes, Homework, Exams, Oh and your friends danging you over a pit of molten lava. You know, typical college stuff. Read More
Let's see where we begin. A typical highschool kid, whose's life is just like any other people that resolves in anime, games, and the brink of going broke. With barely any cash to support himself, he's forced to take care of a girl who is incapable of anything. He… Read More
Winifred Fields, child actor, returns to school after starring in a movie and TV show. However, she doesn't realize that her dream job has affected her personal life so much. Friendships, her family life, everything... it's all different. Winifred deals with the ups and downs of child stardom while… Read More
Summer waves goodbye from the coastline Read More
This is Part 3 of my current story series which is going up, hope you like itl Read More
A story about a young man named Lain who can percieve others inner beauty, their feelings, intentions, strenght and who they are as people. A story about how this young man uses his ability and copes with the world around him. If you see this ability only… Read More
a substitute teacher ends up unhappy with the school principal. Read More

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Deep in the depths of an average high school, a peculiar machine awaits. Within this device lies a world unknown to most of us. Two kids think it'd be funny to enter this world and see what awaits them. Read More
This short story, is the sequel to to Once and Forever. Read the first story, to understand what's going on. Hope you enjoy reading. Read More
Samantha Markowitz is a 14 year old living in Battle Creek, Michigan. Find out what awaits her in her first year of high school. Read More
A class of Christian high school students returning to classes after summer vacation have a successful fishing trip. Read More

Book / Other

August 08, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

Jess was always miserable. She didn't know why. Sometimes it just takes the healing balm of the summer and new friends to give you a new perspective. And an attitude change. As she approaches high school, she's determined to put her best foot forwards. Read More

Book / Romance

August 06, 2018

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The XxMysteriousgirlXx House

it was snowing that night. my mom and dad were driving my brother and i home. we were all singing to the radio. i loved my life and i was happy to be alive. all that changed when i lost the one thing that kept my world spinning, my… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Seven kids are destined to rid their land of an ancient evil. Three are prophesied to make it until the very end. One is the key to everything, and he or she will have to make the ultimate decision between the world, living, and their true love. Along the way,… Read More
CREPES is a action/comedy spy web novel. The story centers around four young spies as they are reluctantly recruited into CREPES. CREPES has a bad reputation among the spy community as being a poorly run, poorly funded agency. In order to survive, they… Read More
Life was cheap in the Midwest, starting with elementary school. Read More
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