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A man trying to come to terms with the death of his only child and break-up of his marriage looks to the great unanswered mysteries of science in a search for answers. Read More
This will be incomprehensible to anyone unfamiliar with Schrodinger's cat. A science poem that assumes basic knowledge of physics. Read More
This short article is for the purpose of a hidden moral behind the experiment that Schrodinger did himself in 1935, and one that i myself did not too many weeks ago. Read More
its the gibberish that has been building inside me since i realised that i was not doing anything fruitful anyway .... so i i let it pour out of my brain onto the screen!! Read More
What is Indian? Know the answer from the world renowned intellectual giants Read More
Schrodinger's famous thought experiment was designed to show the counter-intuitive nature of quantum indeterminacy. But what happens when the cat has more than nine lives and is being chased across the multiverse by a very angry pink paint zombie maker - and why is the cat always grinning? Read More
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