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Ed and Sara were childhood friends who, since reaching adulthood, haven't seen each other all that much. The death of Ed's uncle brings the two back together, where they begin to remember more fun times, while at the same time finding themselves involved in a real mystery - a mystery… Read More
Jake Lumir is alone in space dodging asteroids and having encounters, some of the third kind. His only companion is Seika, the onboard AI, but it's discovered Seika's systems are degrading. Jake must go where no man has gone before. Look out for aliens, as well as adventure, love, Sci-Fi,… Read More
A man goes back in time to fix a wrong. Read More
Once a cop, now a private eye. Once human, now a cyborg. Dalton Steel had scraped a living investigating the things that were beneath the cops he used to work with. Except those cases that involved bots. Until a beautiful woman, a beautiful bot created to mimic a beautiful woman… Read More
Jemma Dodge does not have a good track record with technology, so what happens when a fancy new computer gets released? Read More

Tags: mystery, sci-fi, funny

Just one lonely girl trying to make her way in the horrible world of the future. Read More

Tags: future, sci-fi

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The Booksie Classic House

The town didn't exist mere hours ago. Now, it's the center stage for a series of events that no one could have fathomed, trapped in a gateway realm that nothing can escape from. Read More
A young, Euro-business woman struggles with her husband's disappearance. She investigates a claim by a friend that he might still be alive on the island of Aruba, where they were married, yet the suspicion is, if alive, he's been held or influenced by dark forces. Read More
The self-proclaimed nation of Marinabridge is an improbable haven: an upcycled arcology, built in international waters upon a colossal trans-oceanic bridge. It represents a last chance for nature and humanity in an increasingly ravaged and isolationist world. Here, Davis Young works as a reutilisation engineer, embodying the principles of recycling… Read More
Under the sun of an alien earth, amid the hellish terrors of a savage land, Heck wakes to the perils of a hostile world. Read More
For fifty years this war has ravaged the solar system, with Earth and her colonies struggling to fight against the guerrilla forces of the Pro-Independence regime started by the governments of Mercury, Saturn and Pluto. The war was hard fought, and both sides lost uncountable lives. But the war is… Read More
My throat tightened, and I felt a chill up my back- but there was also a burning curiosity deep in the pit of my stomach. I shifted the gun in my hand, getting a better grip on it. I had no idea what this was, and I was going in… Read More
To fulfill an owed debt to a friend--and to receive modest compensation--Ian Watson agrees to attend a private academy filled with rich students for the next two years. The catch? He has to assume the identity of a student named Roman Vance, who he not only has an uncanny physical… Read More
A dark science-fiction story concerning a possible future life of humanity as it encounters alien civilizations in deep space and evolving itself in a way described as "trans-human". A dark sci-fi-tale with irony at heart! Read More
Alyce and Talira find Kai and plead with him to join the rebellion. Kai is also reminded of his past living with his former master and can't help but take advantage of the opportunity presented to him. Read More
(I apologize, I did not Edit this story much.) Mother lives in Factory-Zero along with M9 who has been upgraded. Read More
First law of thermal dynamics is as such; energy cannot be created nor destroyed. From the very beginning to present time, our universe has been made up of the same quantity of particle matter it started with. Yet since the big bang, the multiverse has remained in a state of… Read More

Tags: fantasy, sci-fi

The intergalactic athletic competition had just begun, and Shaun Sili didn't even know about it when fast-talking trader Zeth Tristotha found him herding sheep on the high-gravity planet Sobillon. But Zeth knew Shaun would make a discus thrower--maybe the best in the galaxy. Once aboard Zeth's ship the Vulcan Adventurer, Shaun is on the way to… Read More
A lesser known xenobiologist is at a conference to deliver a talk on their theories relating to advanced alien civilizations. Some of their ideas seem unorthodox and challenge preconceived notions among Terran society. Are they just talking nonsense, or touching on a secret that permeates the galaxy? Read More
With artificial life ruling the Earth, small human rebellions seem to be the only hope for humanity's freedom, but can the world survive if humans are allowed to thrive? Read More
Quill and his friends must venture and survive the world of Fallen Sky, with leviathan-level sea creatures and Mega-nations spanning continents it certainly isn't going to be easy. Oh, and the worst thing is the moon is falling. Read More
This is NOT a romantic book. All the characters are simply friends.(with the exception of the bad guys) Read More
First Minister of the Terran Federation is dealing with the logistics of a war that is rapidly escalating. With communication towards the enemy conducted through basic math and visuals, they have to both try to interpret context and meaning while trying to respond appropriately. The larger conflict is paralleled with… Read More
A low ranking solder is on the front lines of a war humanity has recently been thrust into. Joining the military to fight for the safety of the Terran Federation they quickly start to question why they are there and what the motivations of the unknown enemy might actually be. Read More
{is unfinished and will probably stay that way.} a famous ukranian girl is finally able to fufill a life long dream...of entering her favorite tv show. Read More
There are a few naughty words, so for those who wish not to hear such language, read silently. Read More

Tags: humor, sci-fi

In the far future, a small Martian family live happily in the solar systems biggest city as a dictator rises to power, and one of his regime's secret projects has them in its sights. Read More
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