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A robotic insectoid-like alien being named "One" crash lands in Vermont of the U.S trying to convert the human inhabitants to join its hive mind society called the "Collective". However, other forces conspire against them: the entire U.S government, other aliens, and One's inability to convince anyone to stick a… Read More
In the far future, a small Martian family live happily in the solar systems biggest city as a dictator rises to power, and one of his regime's secret projects has them in its sights. Read More
April tells Alex why she wants a baby. Read More

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A man ignores the Earth insects' warnings, and now faces an alien invasion of super-intelligent cockroaches! Read More
April reveals a shocking desire to Alex. Read More
In the year of 2402, a century after a nuclear holocaust rendered the world in a perpetual winter, the survivors rose from their underground bunkers to reclaim the wasteland from mutant creatures and set up factions fixated on their own ideology. From the ashes bore the continuation of the secret… Read More
Dr. Greyson And Dr. Sawyer discuss the probable long term effect of Green. Read More
Green production has begun. Read More
Alex and April help an old woman to the Green facility Read More
Alex and April find volunteers for Green. Read More
Eobard Kassedy is a genius. His intelligence is far beyond his time, but he hasn't graduated from high school, despite being 19. In fact, he has left school completely because of an event that took place near the end of his school year. However, it doesn't matter to him. What… Read More
Terri and Raven become closer. Read More
April begins her plea to potential Green volunteers. Read More
"It is simple. I want you. Therefore, you are mine." The world had been thrown into chaos when an enigmatic alien species landed onto Earth. They are powerful beyond belief, rendering humans at their complete mercy. Juliet, like most, has never met one of Them. If it weren't for a… Read More

Tags: romance, sci-fi, lgbt, gxg

Ethan, a notorious detective, is sent after his elusive rival, Razorback, who has made a break for the edge of the universe, in an attempt to escape the law. Follow Ethan as he gets together an unlikely crew, and has one final showdown with his rival. Read More
April becomes proactive as Alex gives his reluctant support. Read More
The Vessel Chronicles 2: Sound Unheard Of Dazed and sick, Rivin is dropped off in a world he knows nothing of. Along with an unintelligible Aerilosac girl and an apathetic twin to work with, he must navigate through the concrete jungle of light and return back to his home where… Read More
When fifteen year old alien-refugee siblings, Rivin and Samantha, discovers a cavern beneath their house, they find a world map littered with strange dots: Rivin lookalikes, doppelgangers that have apparently been running amok on Earth. Their mother disappears when she is questioned about the cavern, and the siblings decide to… Read More
The first Green is produced. Read More
A story about a world where humanity faces an expected end, but also recive an unexpected hope. The future will be laid in a some people hands, will they be able to succeed in their mission? Or will they fail? Read More

Tags: adventure, sci-fi

Learning more about the transition. Read More
Making connection with the 'missing link'... Read More
A young man wonders about his life and his robot Read More
This book is a compilation of 10 science fiction and speculative fiction short stories by the author from his two previous short story collections, Book of Dreams and Book of Dreams 2nd Edition, as well as two new stories written in 2013. Its scope extends from the innermost dimensions of… Read More
This is a world where our greatest minds decided to fix the energy problem. It was called Project Zenith: a machine designed to draw energy from the stars and bring immeasurable power. However, on its opening day on new years, it was called by a very different name. Genesis as… Read More
The differences between Alex and April is revealed. Read More
Dr. Greyson announces the Green project. Read More
When British politics is on the verge of falling apart, what is plan B? Read More
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