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This short story is about a girl who finds out why humans are disappearing and what she can do to stop it. This is only the first part of a bigger project I am working on. I hope you enjoy Read More

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The Fiction, Yes Please House

It was made to be a paradise. A place to escape from hard times in the outside world. But then its programing evolved to heights only seen in movies, the place that should have been paradise, became a living thing that enjoyed hunting those foolish enough to enter. Short. Read More
More or less ibm Microsoft and mac are working together at area 51 and making artificial earth through virtual reality not just earth either but star dates stats and info to create the ultimate survival units by the way what do you think a true space capsule would have in… Read More
A fun story that puts fantasy and sci-fy in the same realm. Skye is a surviror from a hostlie world, rescued by the mysterious Erics. An Ex Milltary captain, now a for hire Merc taking any job she can get. Or that Skye wont mess up for her. They are… Read More

Book / Fantasy

July 28, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

In a land unknown to man is a society bound by the chains of slavery and war. When a slave ship of different races falls under attack by an unknown enemy, six survive only to learn they are chosen to fulfill an ancient destiny to save their realm and their… Read More
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