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Isi, Selena, and Lily are still alive in this terrible war. The sisters have not seen each other in six years, courtesy to the scientists that keep them captive. However, the tides are changing and the tension is rising. The sisters have known nothing but fear, pain, and death. Is… Read More
This story is called Circles and is around 7300 words. It imagines a world ten years from now where the Coronavirus is not only still a part of our life, but worse than before. The story centers around a typical, everyday family and how their lives have changed over time.… Read More

Poem / Poetry

November 05, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

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Ethan, a notorious detective, is sent after his elusive rival, Razorback, who has made a break for the edge of the universe, in an attempt to escape the law. Follow Ethan as he gets together an unlikely crew, and has one final showdown with his rival. Read More
We live in a time of cosmic bifurcation, we live in a time of unprecedented existential threats to life on Earth, including climate change, deforestation, food insecurity, and wildlife numbers in free fall, human overpopulation. the society is in turmoil. There is more and more violence. There’s more and more… Read More
I am part of nature, and nature is part of me. I am what I am in my communication and communion with all living things. I am an irreducible and coherent whole with the web of life on the planet. Nature, the human community and the universe is connected with… Read More
A summary on how the first chapter of Genesis ties up and relates to scientific facts known today, the origin of man and how the Bible shaped our world. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

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"Double standards are alive and flourishing today just as much as it did in the past." Read More

Short Story / Romance

October 16, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

Do Time travel really exist? How could it be if it is true? What would the experience be like? Read on to experience an unusual time travel story. Read More
Thinking of turning this into a book of sorts. I am by no means a real author. Thanks for sticking around! Read More
A galaxy torn apart by grueling war, a dying will to continue the fight, and the struggling internal conflicts of the past. A growing army of fighters from all walks of life have banded together to finally bring about peace to Galaxy-F800. Candy Warding, Fender Jones, Silver Stream, and many… Read More

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"I enjoyed reading your article, it was very informative and covered a lot of the different things that are found in the sea. I always enjoyed go..." Read More

Book / Fantasy

September 22, 2020

Lucas Starlow is a sparrow avian who wants one thing in life; to keep his little sister, Star, safe. When a team of evil avians known as The Hawking comes and takes Star away, Lucas and his flock must go to their place of creation and save her. Read this… Read More
A terran anthropologist muses about the development and structure of different alien civilizations as he watches the events of a less advanced species in a critical moment of their history. Read More

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"Only if Russians raked their forests like we do... No, seriously, this is horrible to see. While I personally love the heat waves Arctic and res..." Read More

In a land of steady habits, where routine pleasure is tantamount to religion, a great taboo is ushered unto the City of Elbrusia. A terrorist attack claims an unprecedented number of lives, and the Zietgest of careless living slowly begins to erode. Eve, a Therapy-bot gone AWOL; Ichijo, a retired… Read More
Are disasters the only mentors in our current small world with easily accessible knowledge and cultures? Mind, logic, and ever-accumulating history lessons make humans noble, organized and, worthy of leading happy lives on earth, as compared to all animals. Read More
Year 1990, Mikaela Hill met a time traveler from 2025 named Maximilian. This 'boy in tuxedo' had a relationship to the alternate version of Mikaela on another separate reality. Unknowingly, Maximilian followed and warned the enraged Mikaela for her unfortunate future where she died on year 1993. Mikaela became so… Read More
Five extra-terrestrial friends embark upon the journey of a lifetime. Read More

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