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My name is Gary. I am posting chapters of my book Dunk. It's a simple coming-of-age love story about a semi-nerdy, scientific type high school boy who decides to go after the girl of his dreams, who happens to be dating the high school quarterback. You won't need a summary… Read More
I ad to write about this, because my teacher in a biology class brought this hilarious thing up. Read More

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An orphaned boy, a cruel war, and a quest for vengeance. Read More

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Part of the fun of my book is trying to figure the movies that Bug quotes. I posted this chapter separate by accident. Please see all the chapters of Dunk under the Young Adult category. Read More
When a small farming village in the middle of nowhere is briefly made famous over a mystery illness from space, a hermit mathematician, an amateur mountain climber and her estranged husband become the only people in a position to save the world from annihilation. Read More
My response to what I've heard of late. Read More
Aurora Taetishi--known as World of Guns II champion AutoKill Katsuna--returns to sessions at the infamous Claymore Academy, a front-school designated for synthetic Special Skill users known as "Synths" to train at, to find that not only has word of her recent victory gotten out, but a lot of new policies… Read More
A brief imagination about the future. Read More
When 17 year old Nickel Randolph finds he's a SE-a scientifically elemental person-his life completely changes, and soon he's on an adventure to find some Yordic Crystals with someone he loves, his best friends, and the one he loves's sister. Read More
May you know life is God's gift as you read it... :) Read More

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Tara works as a journalist for the New You Daily. One day, Jupiter Labs, the biggest and most successful laboratory in the world, explodes. Tara breaks into the lab for her news article, and finds strange substance called the Flicker, the Plasma,the Shock, and the Zero. Hearing Dr. Crystal Brinewood… Read More
My personal views on science, technology and research Read More
A group of Philosophers live in a tower pointing out of the sea. They are all that is left on a planet covered by water in a remote part of the Andromeda Spiral Galaxy. They discover 3 absolutely stunning paradoxes and receive a message from a very bizarre source indeed. Read More
How every cooling space upon the earth should be considered as vital in the fight against global warming... Read More

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what did galileo galilei do to change our everyday lives. come and see... Read More

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In this part one, you'll get to know the characters and their work. You will also read about the fate of our earth and how they are going to try and fix that! Read More
I'm in school. I don't know what else to do! Read More

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Jacob Mathewson is doing his masters thesis in a parallel world where computers have not been invented. Read More
It is the year 2043 CE and four years remain for India’s 100th anniversary of the Peoples’ rule. Ashoka has been chosen by the majority of the people to lead them. However, Ashoka is reluctant as he has a more important mission on hand. He has been trained by the… Read More
Debra O'Brien and Fred Watson go to the library with their host, Michael McCullum, to look up stuff at the Waipukarau Library in a parallel world where the internet has not been invented. Read More
Biology titles introduce ideas that we will investigate further in future texts. Your reader can bring their knowledge of plants and animals to the book, and put this understanding in the context of concepts like the biosphere, evolution, and pollution. I hope that these books allow them to apply their… Read More
Ahem... ... ... Read More
It is your first day at the mysterious Science Center School. And it very well could be your last. Strange and dangerous adventures await you at every turn . Can you explain the explosive disappearance of Ronald DeWhite? Or free the students from the cunning and manipulative Principal Wright and… Read More

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October 27, 2018

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Mars Read More

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What is God?What is proof about existence of god? Since time immemorial , lots of people had been vouching in support of existence of god, however nobody is able to prove the existence of God so far. Science is evidence-based acquired knowledge. Until and unless something is proved objectively by… Read More
A small poem about living at night. Read More

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