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October 15, 2018

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The Science Fiction House

***Mature Content Warning*** Death is a necessity as it is the natural opposite of life. Without death, there cannot be life. It is the law of equivalent exchange. After being kidnapped and held hostage, a lonely scientist faced the dilemma of creating a cure for "mortality" under the order of… Read More
A small poem about living at night. Read More

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A small poem about singularity. Read More

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I am doing a 30 day flash fiction challenge in an attempt to improve my writing. This is the second day and the second story. This was my attempt at a steampunk setting. You should know that all of my steampunk knowledge comes for the brief google search I did… Read More

Featured Review by starsthatfellonrandumgirl

"Ari is too funny, throwing a pillow at a ghost! XD Also her hammer is cuter badass! :D I think you did a great job with a steam punk theme, and ..." Read More

I am doing a 30 day flash fiction challenge, this is my first flash fiction story. If you want to do the 30 day challenge you can find the daily prompts on my profile. Good luck. Read More

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"A nice piece of science fiction flash. Fully told in not so many words!" Read More

Red has to escape and what about Mod and Siri? Find out. Read More
Red is trapped and Aroma is alone, will things get better for the kids? Find out Read More
Do you think you understand time travel? Are you creative enough to play with unknown theories? Find out. Read More
Do you love to dance, these kids sure do, but what happens when they find a reality where dancing is illegal? Find out. Read More
The being is possessing Doctors, but for what? Find out. Read More
Check out Red and his friends as they visit new realities, and maybe fall in love. Find out Read More
After their last encounter with the Being, the kids must find peace and learn the way to protect themselves from Him. Read More
Red is trapped by the evil Being in his dreamscape, can anyone help him? Find out. Read More
Just because they live on a beach doesn't mean that the kids don't have problems and they decide to fix their problems with sic-fi gadgets. how does is work out for them? Find out. Read More
Red thought the portal might be an interesting hobby, but after today he may change his mind! Read More
Modern Read More

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I have often noticed that teachers of Quantum Mechanics often teach their students as if they expect their students to understand it already. However, Richard Feynman once said, "I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics." My purpose in writing this is not to teach quantum… Read More

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August 17, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

Knesh and Kieana have triumphed over the Skrall and Makuta Teridax, but nothing can prepare them for the powerful menace that is the Great Beings. Read More
If you are wondering why we have dreams, then this is what you should read. This is an explanation about dreams. Read More
This is an Explanation, about how rain is formed. Please remember to give feedback and comments. Read More
Humans have finally made it to Mars. What they found in its depths could further humanity forever. Studies were made on a space colony. However... Not everything went according to plan. Read More
tilikums life happened when a trainor at seaworld was working with him and one day he thought that she was going to play with her but instead tilikum pulled her in the pool on accident. please read this and comment below. Also if you guys could there… Read More

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This piece of work is dedicated to Kim; Then, also in an extended way, to all of you lovely ladies who have inspired the spark of it's creation... A Happy Birthday, & blessed life to those who are so special to the rest of us all... Passionate; The act of… Read More
Using the standard definition of entropy and changing it, as is the meaning of change. Read More
Gal Adora Avery is a typical 10th grader who likes to scribble any random things at the back page of her notebooks (i think everyone does that), and she is from the fourth dimension. She met someone from not so long ago, and she keeps appearing in her dreams.… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A one-act play I wrote in a fiction class a few years ago. What will Lazarus learn about us? Read More
i decided to try something new! i have always had a very big interest in outer space so, i'm wrote an informational piece about my favorite things discovered in space Read More
Su is the first AI to mimic humans perfectly. She goes on missions to manipulate powerful people everyday. She grows into a human being and writes about her journey everyday. S Read More
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