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What is you could do something bad and benefit all mankind. Would you? Read More

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A veteran East India Company Explorer was summoned to meet the Chief Commissioner of Ross Island, who had some important matters to discuss with him. Read More
I didn't really want to write this, but it is something we should try to understand. Read More
Inspired by yesterday's world march calling for Climate Change to be addressed aggressively by countries' leaders to get together and do something about the mounting problem, I decided to post this article identifying this as our paramount and growing worldwide problem that could affect every living organism on Planet Earth… Read More
Henry Malnit is building a machine to rid Earth of a plague. Read More
The evolutionary origins of sexual reproduction, beginning of a chapter in a book about human evolution Read More

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"We invented and are prospering in the 'Electrical Age,' although it more properly should be called the 'Age of Solar Vulnerability.' Nothing lasts forever in a universe filled with so many unknowns and imponderables." Martin Stebbler, PhD., July 28, 1980 Read More

Featured Review by C.J. Atoa

"If there is one word I could say to describe this it would be "Wow!" I was not expecting the story to go this way and I couldn't put it down! I ..." Read More

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July 20, 2019

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Chapter 11 has been posted. Dunk is the coming-of-age story of Brian, a student with a flair for science, who wants to catch the eye of his dream girl, Doris, who is dating Kirk, the star athlete at Greenville High. But the blossoming Brian has already caught the eye of… Read More
A new book by Mr. Farr (a twenty year veteran of coastal zone management and taxonomy).It supports the superiority of the modern era's view of evolutionary theory including the synthesis of Neo-Darwinism and Environmental sides of natural selection,adaptation and survival. Read More
Two civil wars split the United States into smaller nation-states, and an AI, whom once loved a mortal, is the game master of a new world. An anarchist from the French Commune of 1871 seeks a new life in the United States. She is reincarnated in the 21st Century, and… Read More

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June 07, 2019

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Having a little fun mixing rhyme patterns with silly. Read More

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Prizes for everyone -- who cares what they are. Cover image: Read More
What do y'all do when the woman ya love is yer sister? Well, raised as yer sister, anyway. Dwayne Nathanial Austin "Roper" to the circuit, knew his sister Bobi-joe was special. He just didn't know HOW special. But the day to day running of two large ranches, one in Wyoming… Read More
An old interplanetary transport ship on the Hohmann Earth-Mars run has the usual malfunctions. Read More

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In the Middle Ages, Alchemy was an early form of chemistry with the main intention of turning base metals into gold. This is a story of the blending of spirituality and science, and immortality sought by one man... Read More
I ad to write about this, because my teacher in a biology class brought this hilarious thing up. Read More

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An orphaned boy, a cruel war, and a quest for vengeance. Read More

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Book / Romance

March 31, 2019

Part of the fun of my book is trying to figure the movies that Bug quotes. I posted this chapter separate by accident. Please see all the chapters of Dunk under the Young Adult category. Read More
When a small farming village in the middle of nowhere is briefly made famous over a mystery illness from space, a hermit mathematician, an amateur mountain climber and her estranged husband become the only people in a position to save the world from annihilation. Read More
My response to what I've heard of late. Read More
Aurora Taetishi--known as World of Guns II champion AutoKill Katsuna--returns to sessions at the infamous Claymore Academy, a front-school designated for synthetic Special Skill users known as "Synths" to train at, to find that not only has word of her recent victory gotten out, but a lot of new policies… Read More
A brief imagination about the future. Read More
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