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there are many things in this universe that you do not know of or understand; aspects of life and death beyond the grasp of science, the energy that births your unique mind and soul, and the elements beyond third dimensional comprehension that make up and mingle the spirit of… Read More

Featured Review by India Emerald

"I love the world building, you've got some brilliant touches. The tomatoes that would be stinking up a house in our world, are just part of the..." Read More

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September 24, 2017

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FUTURE FANTASY CHRONICLES Cover By: Teresa Morgan Light shall overcome all, but only after it stands side by side with the dark... Nearly a thousand years have passed since the war. Nearly a thousand years since the birth of a new sport. Magician's Flag. A competition of ability, intellect, athleticism,… Read More
In the year 2258, the Roman Empire still lives, and thrives on its status as an interstellar civilization. Spreading its influence across the stars, the Empire must contend with enemies, old and new, that wish to see nothing more than to bring it to its knees. Spearheading the Imperial advance… Read More
Greatest fuckin book of all time. Read More
a cool story about lord of the rings crossover with star wars: the old republic! Read More
The Last Tale of Galenhad is set in an alternate version of our universe. All of the histories of the world is the same except for events in Russia in 1991. Prior to the existence of the universe, there was a race of beings that lived as forms of conscience… Read More
imagine. imagine a world of order, righteousness and progress. imagine all of universe working against a single goal, hand in hand, with no conflicts of interest whatsoever. sounds perfect, right? next, imagine that world coming under attack. at first you think it is but a minor issue, but death toll… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Hi, my name is Haru Takashima, and this is my life. i had moved back to my childhood hometown, "Archangel, North Carolina" where i was reunited with my childhood friend, Elizabeth Youngblood, only to find out that she is a vampire! that wasn't the only thing that was strange; there's… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The second part of the first chapter. Refer to the first part for details. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A science-fantasy-cum-science-horror story involving an Elizabethg Montgomery style trendy young witch. Read More
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