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The immortal being Protos is captured to by agencies wanting to harness his power. Asroth rejoices that he has been made a captive. Read More
What would happen if “God” turned out to be something very different then the accepted theory? What if man has completely misunderstood their own history? What if history was not judged by the victors, but by those who lend aid in the silence of there own universal sense of obligation… Read More
Eobard Kassedy is a genius. His intelligence is far beyond his time, but he hasn't graduated from high school, despite being 19. In fact, he has left school completely because of an event that took place near the end of his school year. However, it doesn't matter to him. What… Read More
Lyra Young is an unknowing chess piece in a coup d’etat. Nova Ghazi is the military commander playing the game. Amidst the struggle to navigate the maze that is interplanetary politics, neither of them expected to get as close as they did. Read More
It's happening again but egos interfere with the outcome. Read More

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When we see everything, perhaps we see nothing. -- (3,600 words, 6 chapters). Read More

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"The economics, as usual, influencing the coverage of the facts. This is pretty gripping stuff, Adam!" Read More

Two hundred and seventy years before the fulfillment of the prophecy of Cush, Samuel tells the story to his grandson of their ancestors fighting to open the doors for that prophecy. The planet we once called Earth; how it was saved by an alien race from an apocalyptic explosion due… Read More

Short Story / Fantasy

March 30, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

Cerena was the perfect customer service person for Bill Bishkee;s office. Beautiful, friendly, professional....and ancient and powerful. Read More
All your favorite tiny tales now in one publication Read More
Michael Fletcher was an ordinary boy. Then one night, coming home from a party, he was struck by a lightning bolt. This wasn't an ordinary bolt. It was an ancient bolt. He becomes the most dangerous weapon in Solar System. Then he joins a group called HAND that deals with… Read More
Jeena Garza escapes the horror of a POW camp only to crash-land on a desert planet far from where she’d intended to go. Alone, she adopts a tigra cub, a tiger-like carnivore native to Ararat, and names him Samson. It’s the least she can do, given she killed his mother.Tigras… Read More
A crash landing on an unexpected planet brings a challenge that not everyone responds to the same. Read More

Book / Fantasy

March 22, 2019

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Creatures of folklore hide in the forgotten corners of the world. Ghouls watch from the shadows. Monsters hide under the bed. Cosmic horrors our mind could never possibly grapple with dwell beyond the borders of what we know. What we see is only a small part of what exists, and… Read More
Das ist eine populäre Studie über den Kommunismus als Religion, denn so muss er, besonders heute, nach seinem Niedergang als Form sozialer Regierung, betrachtet werden. Diese Ansicht wurde von vielen Menschen intuitiv unterstützt, aber nicht wissenschaftlich ausgearbeitet, umso mehr aus /unpolitischer/ Sicht, und auch mit einige Elemente der Science Fiction… Read More
Six hundred years from Earth, A ship sent to seed distant planets arrives at it's destination and it's computer begins to behave in an erratic manner. This story was originally written in the early 90's and is the first of the seed ship tales of which my story Wild Harvest… Read More
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