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The third and final part of the story 'The Rise of the Robotic Humans.' One android has to be left behind, but it finds itself in conflict with the darkness defeated in the past, which stubbornly pushes to rise up again to bring trouble and grief to the human race. Read More
----------- FaXaNaDu: - ''BEWARE of FAXANDORF'S UNDERGROUND FACTORY (CHURCH) and THEME PARK ! '' ----- FAxanadu: Video Game Slums ! ------++-- ''FOLLOW the UNDERGROUND RED BRICK ROAD ! '' ------- Secret Underground Video Game Realm ! -__________- ''BEWARE of the NIGHT-WORKS: Sector 8 ! '' Read More
The regime of the serpent emperor Jörmungandr terrifies the entire world. Any people who refuse to submit to his rule are mercilessly executed and exterminated. Ayden Söhngen is one of the greatest fighters of the Jörmungandrian Empire and has already served his emperor faithfully for many years. But one day… Read More
---------- ''BEWARE of GANON'S UNDERGROUND T.V. ZONE ! '' -------- Find the Secret 'Frosty Factory' ! ---- ''ESCAPE from The UNDERGROUND SLUMS !'' -------- (Video game ! ------------ Act I: Find A Way Out !) ----++--- ''GANONDORF'S UNDERGROUND ENTRANCE to Site 16 ! '' ------- Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

In the land of milk and honey, there can only be one. “Old. Weak.” The unspoken words of my subjects echo loud and clear. They believe it’s time for my reign to come to an end, and in a world like this, that means death. But I’m not ready to… Read More
When a small town dairy farmer's cows begin to turn up dead, he decides it's time to find and stop whatever pest is responsible. Little does he know his provincial, backcountry town harbors a breed of pest, the likes of which is beyond the furthest reaches of his imagination. A… Read More
----- '' BEWARE of GANONDORF ! '' --------- Frosty Underground ZONE: Faxan-Dorf's Garage - The Secret Underground Factory-Realm of GANONDORF ! --------- (PART 1) ---- Video Game ! ------ FROSTY SLUMS ! ---- '' Find us, Noah ! '' ----++ Bizarre 'PINK FROSTY CAR' ! ++--- Read More
---------- ''BEWARE of The SECRET UNDERGROUND FACTORY ! '' -------- Gavin and Faxandorf in Ganon's ''NIGHT-ZONE '' ! ---- -----+++ VIDEO GAME ! -------- The Underground Slums of ''SECTOR 8: FAXANDORF'S FACTORY ! '' +------+ Faxandorf-Realm: Cigarettes and Secret Entrance ! --- Read More
--------- ''The SECRET UNDERGROUND MANSION and OCEAN REALM ! '' ----- Estancie and the Frosty Cave Baths ! -------- '' The ELDERS and Icy Realm ! '' ---- (FIND the Secret Entrance into the 'UNDERGROUND REALM' !) ----- Read More
Arla Mayes hates her homeworld, a colony moon named Faustus. It has been abandoned by the colonial powers for over three hundred years. Now, with her new bounty, Mayes might be able to find a way to reopen her homeworld to humanity at large, and may finally be able to… Read More

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April 26, 2021

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The Booksie Classic House

What would you do if, suddenly, everyone in the entire world disappeared? What if everyone was locked in between dimensions, just waiting--just hoping--just depending on you for a release? What would you do? You'd go save them, of course. [Grazing the Sky AU. Knowledge of Grazing optional but recommended] [FINISHED] Read More

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"Your attitude to writing development and personal motivation and fulfilment is a joy to read, Meaghan, you're such a giving person when you writ..." Read More

----------- ''BEWARE of The SECRET UNDERGROUND POLICE ! '' --------- Escape from the Factory Slums of ''Sector 7 '' ! ----- ICY FACTORY and Video game ! ----++-- ''AKANI and The SECRET RESCUE MISSON of 'The Matrix' ! ''--++- Read More
---------- '' FOLLOW US ! '' ------ Zane's Quest ! ---- The SECRET UNDERGROUND PARKING GARAGE FACTORY ! ---- ''1995: Welcome to 'The Cyberpunk NIGHT-ZONE' ! '' -------------- Frosty Slums and Factory Zone ! ---------+++- 'CYBERPUNK ZONE' ! --++-- Frosted Underground T.V. and VIDEO GAME ! Read More
---- '' THE METALORE EXPLORATIONS ! '' ------------- (Secret Underground ICY Factory and Basement Neighborhood ! ------ SECRET AREA known as ''Zone X'' !) ------- PART 1 -- THE BLACKOUT ! --- ++++++------- Read More
--------- '' FOLLOW US ! '' --------- Find the frosted 'Pink Lamborghini' ! -----++++ ICY UNDERGROUND SLUMS and T.V. BASEMENT FACTORY ! ---- (Video game!) --------- '' BEWARE of ZELDA ! '' -------------- BRANDON and Zach in the '' SECRET UNDERGROUND BASEMENT-FACTORY '' ! +++++++++++++++++ Read More
---++++++-- '' BEWARE of THE VIRUS ! '' -------------- Danger ! ---- Bio-Chemical Warfare! ---- RYU'S SECRET MISSION ! ----- 'Icy Underground Industrial Slums and Factory' ! ---- VIDEO GAME ! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The price of acceptance among a cruel race is far higher than she ever imagined. It will cost her everything she ever thought she was, then prove to be nothing like she’d hoped. Exiled from her warrior people and declared genetically sub-optimal, Avaria dreams of one day proving herself in… Read More
----- '' FOLLOW US '' ! ------ ''DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE ! ''--- ZELDA'S Secret Quest ! ----------------- ++++++++ ALICE IN WONDERLAND! ------ ''Follow the Bizarre Frosted Rabbit'' ?! --- FROSTED UNDERGROUND WARDROBE ! Read More
A story I had begun to write three years ago back in 2018, but I have not finished. This is what I have written so far and one day I plan to complete it. Enjoy my take on one of my favorite science fiction villains of all time, the Predator.… Read More
****** DARK UNDERGROUND WONDERLAND: Zelda's Quest - Secret Underground Wardrobe! - Pt. 1 ------- Video game story! -- Part 1 ! Read More
******* FOLLOW ME ! ******** ________________________________________ A Bizarre T.V. and HIDDEN UNDERGROUND BASEMENT-WORLD ?! ----- Ellie's Quest in 'The Secret Underground Basement Zone' ! --- PINK ICY CAR AND HIGHWAY ! _______________________________________________----- Secret Underground ''BASEMENT HIDEOUT OF VAGRANTS'' ! --- (Easter Special !) Read More
********** 'FOLLOW US' ! ---************ Welcome to ''ZELDA NET'': Area #1 - FAXANDU'S UNDERGROUND APARTMENT ! --- Bake a 'Chocolate Pink Doughnut' ! ---- LEVEL UP YOUR SKILLS ! ------ ''FAXANDU ZELDA NET'': A Multiplayer Online Video Game ! Read More
**************** ----- THE SECRET PIPE-WARP ZONE ! --- GANONDORF ROAD! ***************** (Underground Industrial Factory and Slums !) --- SECRET UNDERGROUND PARKING GARAGES! --- Video game World! ------- Noah's SECRET HIDEOUT ! Read More
************** GANON'S UNDERGROUND GARAGE and SECRET ''BOILER ROOM'' ! ************* Gavin in the ''Underground'' ! ----- BEWARE of the ''SECRET POLICE'' ! - ' ''Industrial Slums and PARKING GARAGE'' ! ****** Read More
This is a story about three guys in a space-age sp agency. They take care of different situations in space and drive in a space-ship. It has sci-fi, but also has a lot of action and plot behind it. The three guys are Zach, Dave, and Canterman. Read More
*********** BEWARE OF THE 'SECRET POLICE' ! ********** Michael and The Underground Basement Realm ! ------ Secret closet entrance #8298 leading to the 'PIPEWAY INDUSTRIAL BOILER ROOM' ! ---- ZELDA'S UNDERGROUND WORLD ! Read More
Firryans are known across space for two things: Their unnatural beauty, and the brutality of their warriors. When three Firryans are captured by pirates who intend to sell them on the black market, two warriors of the Firryan Liberation Front travel to the jungle planet of Quintara to rescue them.… Read More
You've read The Rash, now there's Safe Haven, the spin-off to the original book. Alyssa Jones and her friends have to find a safe place to stay when they find themselves living in a world where humans turned cannibals due to a deadly rash roam the earth. They make allies,… Read More
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