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This book contains all of the short stories in my Mindscapes collection newly revised and edited. It also includes three new short stories. A free preview is available at Amazon. and other leading book sellers. The scope of this collection extends from the innermost dimensions of the mind to the… Read More
Emily and Jimmy are getting married. Leslie and Zacky are having their baby. The band's music career is going exactly where it needs to be. What could go wrong? Plenty of unfortunate circumstances, actually. Alistair isn't completely dead after all, and tries harder than ever to accomplish what he couldn't… Read More

Book / Fantasy

November 30, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

Dr Ren ,Sou and Rema went to an another world by a time machine and faced many dangers. Then they decided to meet with the sun king as only he could bring them back to earth. It is going to be a hell of a journey. Read More
------ T.V. VIDEO GAME WORLD: ''Find the Bizarre Underground Grandpa!'' ----------- THE 'UNDERGROUND ICY BASEMENT-WORLD and BIZARRE GRANDPA' ! ----- The SECRET UNDERGROUND WINDOW and INDUSTRIAL CLOSET-ROOM ?! ---------- Find the Pink Party-Hat! ----- A SECRET QUEST! --------- Underground Town - Part I! ______VIDEO GAME WORLD! ----- LEVEL UP your… Read More
--------- Follow Me! ---- SECRET PIPE-WARP ZONE! ----- WELCOME to 'Ganandorf Road' ! ----- (BIZARRE INDUSTRIAL PARKING GARAGE ! ----- FIND THE UNDERGROUND FACTORY !) --- A Secret Garage in the Underground Realm! ________ VIDEO GAME WORLD! ---- NOAH'S QUEST ! Read More
------CAVE-QUEST! ------- ZELDA'S SECRET UNDERGROUND ADVENTURE and QUEST ! ----- ''RESCUE LINK!'' ----- Find the Wizard's Underground CASTLE-REALM and A FURRY DRAGON ! ---- PART 1! ________ VIDEO GAME REALM! --- Legends of ZELDA ! -- From 2017! Read More
------- ''LINKY'' ---- (NEW MATERIAL ADDED TO CHAP. 1 + PROLOGUE !) ------- Welcome to 'FAXANDU': The SECRET UNDERGROUND DUNGEON-REALM! ---- Find a 'SECRET TRAP-DOOR' in the Bizarre 1950'S CAR! --------- Down and Into An Underground Brothel-Closet ! ________________''MY VIDEO GAME REALM''! -----The Murderer Appears! ---- LINKY'S KIDNAPPING and FINDING… Read More
------ ''FOLLOW ME!'' ----- FIND THE ELDER ! ----- Simon's Quest in the Secret Underground Castle-Realm ! ----- SECRET UNDERGROUND ICE-CHURCH! ----- Bizarre Underground World! ---- VIDEO GAME! ------- CastleWORLD! ___ Read More
---------- ''DOWN THE UNDERGROUND WARDROBE'S VENT!'' ------- Beware Zelda! ------- VIDEO GAME REALM! ------ Secret Underground T.V. and bizarre checkered path ?! _______________________________ RARE UNDERGROUND BASEMENT WORLD ! ---- Find an 'Underground Gang' and a 'BIZARRE 1950's PINK AUTOMOBILE' ?! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A Booksie hero has been chosen to fight on the Last Day. Read More
----- FOLLOW US ! ------ ''DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE ! ''--------- Follow ME into the 'GLOW-IN-THE-DARK Underground' ! -------- SECRET QUEST ! ----- Video Game Underworld. ________________________________________ ____________________________ALICE IN WONDERLAND! ------ Bizarre Furry Rabbit ! -------- FROSTY UNDERGROUND WINDOW ! Read More
Two friends working on a project together are targeted by the powerful company Tornt. Read More
Would you want to know the date you are going to die? In a world where everyone has a personal deathdate, what would your plans look like? Read More
------- ''DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE'' ! ------ Welcome to ''Zone X'' ! ------ FOLLOW ME INTO THE UNDERGROUND ! --------- Video Game ! ------- PART 1! Read More
They are right. We are living in an ancestor simulation. Under some arcane law for a culture we know nothing about Sentient Intelligences have a right to exist. What happens when the academic group studying ancestor behavior runs out of funding and must sell the entire project to a media… Read More
Ethan, a notorious detective, is sent after his elusive rival, Razorback, who has made a break for the edge of the universe, in an attempt to escape the law. Follow Ethan as he gets together an unlikely crew, and has one final showdown with his rival. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Deep within the Andromeda galaxy lies the planet Ava, home to the proud Avias race. When a hatchling is born with the power to bring devastation to all who look into her eyes, the god, Charano, also known as The Great Eye, decides to utilize her abilities to expand his… Read More
------- FOLLOW US ! ----- Beware of the Secret Underground Police ! ------- FIND THE 'BIZARRE RED KEY' and Secret 'GARAGE Entrance'! -------------- ZELDA'S QUEST in the SECRET 'SUBTERRANEAN REALM of NIGHT-MAGIC' ! ----- Video Game ! ----- UNLOCK the UNDERGROUND GARAGE ! ---- Bizarre TV and Pink Ice-Car ! Read More
A love story, at the end of the world. Read More
Barney Lake is a bee keeper. When a swarm of deadly hornets invade Washington, DC, and across America, he attempts to get rid of the threat. Read More
---- Follow Me ! ----- BIZARRE TV and HIDDEN UNDERGROUND BASEMENT-GARAGE ! ----------- Ellie's Quest in The 'Secret Underground Pipe-Warp Zone and Closet' ! ----- NEON GARAGE and PINK CAR ? ----- The Industrial 'Pipe Zone' !? ---------- FOLLOW US ! --- Read More
----- FIND US! ------ UNDERGROUND HOUSE-WORLD: DAVE and MAX ! ----- 'Come Find Us, Dave!' ------- THE SECRET UNDERGROUND PLACE ! -------- From June of 1999. ----- PART 1 ! ------ VIDEO GAME! ----- Bizarre 'Red Lamp and Cigarettes' ! Read More

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The House of Ghosts House

Soon after colonizing the Moon, Mars and a few other places, Earth suffers a nuclear holocaust. Humanity tries to renew and repopulate the now irradiated planet Earth. They’re based miles beneath the surface in bunkers scattered across the globe. Housed within are clones, designed to repopulate the catastrophic loss of… Read More
---- FOLLOW ME! ---- Pink Ice-Car ! ------ ZELDA'S QUEST in the 'SECRET UNDERGROUND INDUSTRIAL ICE-ZONE' ! ----------- Secret Underground Hideout and Garage ! ----- FOLLOW the BIZARRE PIPE ?! --- Read More
When 2 people meet in a time of war, history will forever be changed Read More
The Guardians, huge robots that protected humanity; now deactivated. A group of aliens, cunning creatures; implanting spies amongst the humans. The Fossils, organic creations; built to destroy. And two children, who can't even begin to comprehend what they've got themselves into. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

During times of great crisis for the Slavani people, their God, Savara, will manifest as an avatar in the mortal plane and lead her people into a glorious golden age. But the times she manifests are few and far between, and while Savara loves all her creations, it’s impossible to… Read More
When a Great White shark terrorises people in the summer town of Fear Point, off New York, Lowell West, a fisherman, attempts to stop the creature before more people die. The Revised Version of Fear Point. Read More

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