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When a group of medical interns uncover a sinister plot in a hospital that could devastate the country; they, along with the Doctors, get churned into a maelstrom of dangers by a fugitive on the run, law enforcement agencies and a supernatural force. Read More
In 2391, a supercompany named SeRec sends a small five-person crew to a planetoid in the Andromeda galaxy named Planet Ruede. Before launch, this small five-person crew gets a sixth member- a stowaway. By the time the ship gets to Planet Ruede, approximately five years later, the five crew members… Read More
A short story set in a science fiction universe about a pair of star-crossed lovers. Read More

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At six o' clock on the morning of New Year's Eve, an individual few had ever survived meeting came shooting down from the sky like a meteorite. Two things accompanied him on his way down: an instrument for performing a type of surgery he had invented, and a roll… Read More
A rough draft, complete with spelling errors and bad sentence structure. A work in progress. That said, it's a science fiction short story. Image: Body of Water During Golden Hour. Copyright by Sebastian Voortman from Pexels Photo Read More
With the death of her parents, Claudia Belle has been sent to live with her grandfather. He's the principal of the local high school and shares Claudia's unnatural gift. While she can learn a lot from the man. Her chance passes too fast, when her grandfather is found dead. Once… Read More
the third volume of the Saga is finally here, hope you enjoyed the ride and the journey, and do so on this part. Read More
Two people, both sad and guilty with feelings of remorse Read More
This story about science fiction story contains full of space , aliens, time travel. Read More
Edith Parker is a teenager who hates the rules in New York. When her parents are away, she is arrested by The Cyber Patrol, a Government crime agency, who are abusing their authority, and sending children to shelters. Edith, a resourceful girl, begins to fight back, whatever the cost to… Read More
Christina Harwood is a Mars-born child. When her parents are dead, she travels to Earth to begin life anew. But, as American, British, and Australian, and European scientists, arrive in New York to study her, they find that she isn't someone to mess with. The new epic Science Fiction novel… Read More
Alan Forman is a teenager who dreams of Outer Space. When he is recruited for the Initiation Process, he makes friends, and enemies along the way. The new Science Fiction novel by Robert Helliger, author of "The Spellcaster". Read More
A short story for young adults set in a fantasy world. Read More
tell me what you think of this prologue to this book i am writing, tell me if its good, and i should be out with chapter 1 in a couple days Read More
Kendal Frasier is a fourteen year old girl in futuristic New York. She is a hunter, who is well known to use her favourite laser gun. When she's attacked by The Society of the Fallen, a shadowy group of teenagers, she is left for dead. But, when she recovers, she… Read More
Becky Anderson is a woman in Outer Space. In the future she makes sure she copes outside Earth. Read More
>>Initiating sequence alpha... >>Main computer status: Online... >>Accessing file: Analysis log 000 A galaxy is torn apart by war and destruction, humanity, and many other races fighting in the name of gods using weapons of highly advanced technology, and even powers from unknown origins. The story world is both a… Read More
Off the coast of Markham Lake Marina, thirty miles off the Australian city Brisbane, Queensland, Doctor Margaret Grieves, an expert in exotic sea animals, investigates a series of deaths that concerns the Box Jellyfish, a creature more deadly than the Great White shark. Read More
Eobard Kassedy is a genius. His intelligence is far beyond his time, but he hasn't graduated from high school, despite being 19. In fact, he has left school completely because of an event that took place near the end of his school year. However, it doesn't matter to him. What… Read More
Mark Westwood, a marine biologist, struggles to make ends meet at Fear Point, a summer resort, which is open for the new season. When a great white shark appears, he is forced to battle against the marauding monster of the deep, before more people are attacked. Read More

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This is a work in progress. Please bare with my on any typos I have. My grammar is awful and I am trying to improve the story as I go. Read More
The year is 2134. Humanity is still recovering from the horrible events of the 21st century. They have persevered though and have colonized planets and moons up to Jupiter. The United States has just declared war on the Russian Federation, which would lead to an unprecedented chain of events that… Read More

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October 05, 2019

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24 years after the Earth's population is wiped out by disease and war, several different groups strive for power, strength, and their very survival. This story focuses on a town of survivors, a cannibalistic cult calling themselves the Devout, and two brothers trying to find their place in this New… Read More
Delilah Bardot's mermaid-watching tours sell the promise of observing the beautiful, long-haired Ariels in the wild, but they haven't been seen for years. Until now. Read More

Book / Science Fiction

September 29, 2019

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What would happen if “God” turned out to be something very different then the accepted theory? What if man has completely misunderstood their own history? What if history was not judged by the victors, but by those who lend aid in the silence of there own universal sense of obligation… Read More
New York, 2, 564. In the near future, Tracey Blair, a thirteen year old girl, and her pet cat, Forbes, go on an adventure in post World War III World, where actions speak more than words. When she becomes to the attention of The Masters, who act as the most… Read More
In the year 2201, the people of Earth began the hard task of colonisation of the planet Ophus 9 in the Hyperbius Cluster. Two disasters in the year 2310 put an end to the effort, leaving the colonists of Outpost Oracle stranded planetside, and by 2451, they still struggle against… Read More
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