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On a mothership beyond the local star system preparations is made for an interstellar war with a life form assuming technological progress. A group of soldiers is sharing a destiny of ironic laughter, fearless and thirsting for war. Closing in on a female soldier with rare qualities. A story of… Read More
Ellen Schwarz is a girl from Earth. When her parents die from a disease, she sees a spaceship that takes her to Mars, where her life changes forever. Read More

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At earth's doorstep, an extinction level event... A terrified world watches helplessly as a hostile alien race constructs a mega structure to harness the sun's energy which will be used to terra-form the moon, making it habitable for their species. Mankind names it "the Nemesis Vector". Unless the aliens… Read More

Book / Romance

December 18, 2018

This story was very well-structured as a project, but I always was way too lazy to get it started. I walked-out of my laziness to finally make the chapter 1. Remember, I write to decompress. Before asking questions, make sure they're not elements that will be answer farther in the… Read More
This is a book written by J.R. Merrick and Jack Crawford. They initially published each chapter separately but in order to make each chapter easier to find and more user friendly they have decided to post them here in a book. The story follows Orin, a sailor from the British… Read More
Just another story I started and forgot all about. It is a science fiction story that broaches the subject of violence and freedom. Read More

Short Story / Fantasy

December 14, 2018

When an angry man grieves for the loss of his son, an ancient evil returns, offering him the thing he wants most, supernatural power, in the belief he will erase evil. Read More
An abusive husband wakes up to the most shocking awakening of his life. Read More
preface this short story is set a few years in the future when america has split into regions based on voting patterns. subsequent elections after 2016 have divided america beyond repair so the union separated but people are now global citizens. country borders aren’t an issue, people can move freely… Read More

Book / Fantasy

December 04, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

The Gate is an online game people use to escape the horror of a dystopian world that surrounds them. Max was an avid player until he began to see the true purpose of The Gate. Soon he finds himself caught up in a desperate game of cat and mouse struggling… Read More
Kyro is one of the Silenced. Unable to hear and stuck on the streets, she struggles to survive day by day until one day, a happenstance encounter has her reunited with her long-lost brothers. However, all is not as it seems as Science Command is taking all Silenced into custody… Read More
This is a version english of short story "102", an story of soul human. Read More
London, 2,500 AD. In the near future, London children are genetically modified according to The Scientific Corporation Laboratory, to become 'super intelligent'. But, as several of them struggle to leave, they become a liability. Read More
When the outbreak in San Francisco started the world was already at its peak of destruction, political views and groups tore apart unity, the war sparked across the globe burned the leader's hearts into coal and the population ravaging the earth like a disease. Yet, we lived in an era… Read More
The Signal is a science fiction short story that deals with the human need for an escape and the sacrifices made for the greater good. Revealing society's faults by dividing a line between the hopefulness for progress or the inevitable downfall of humanity due to our own wrongdoings. A young… Read More
It is your first day at the mysterious Science Center School. And it very well could be your last. Strange and dangerous adventures await you at every turn . Can you explain the explosive disappearance of Ronald DeWhite? Or free the students from the cunning and manipulative Principal Wright and… Read More
History of my current faction in my current game of stellaris Read More
If you're not part of the don't deserve to be part of this planet. Read More
In the pilot, The Neucomers arrive to their new home...Earth. But, everything doesn't seem to go as planned. Read More
New York, 2200 AD. In the 23rd century, Don Archer is a gardener who feels compelled to finish his job in his apartment. When aliens invade, he is abducted and forced to go to the alien's planet that is obsessed with perfection. Read More
Todd Hendricks lives in a world rather different than the one we know. The year is 2076, and Canvas soldiers have been ruling for three years. Grieving the loss of his sister, Todd must push forward and fight to the end, making new friends and finding out more about himself… Read More

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