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(The first part of the first chapter of my novel Forces) It details the events of one scientist by the name of Mason Wright and his awakening from Cryogenic slumber into an apocalyptic wasteland ravaged by creatures created through the use of genetic gene splicing. During an encounter with one… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

In the troubled land of Taren rules a bitter, oppressive regent named Nephredom, who alone maintains the Gate--a Psi-magical barrier that contains thousands of mutated beasts, that were once men. However, the strain of keeping the Gate has pushed Nephredom to the edge of madness, and it is only a… Read More
A tale of honor, vengeance, and disillusionment unfolds on a distant world shrouded in conflict. Read More

Poem / Horror

September 06, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

Horror poem about a night creature who avenges unpunished criminals! Read More
A lovecraft-inspired SF-horror poem about fiends from outer space come to feed upon humanity. Read More
Carnivorous plants Moss-like fiends that wrap around Anything within reach, Grabbing human prey, they suck Out life fluids like vampires. Read More
As the title suggests a poem about a robotoid, something closer to a man than a mere robot. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Imagine a world ruled by twelve council members. Earth has known half a century of peace under them and has no idea where they came from, and can't remember it ever being any different. Archinald was just like everyone else. He had a family, friends and a home. Then suddenly… Read More
A new book for the fans of Time of Darkness. A whole new world to fall into that will (I hope) captivate and compel the reader to read on. Read More
Quotes from the sections in my Darkness series. There was a quote before each Part but for some reason when I tried to put the summaries they kinda got replaced by the first chapter summary. Read More
This is in response to a posting by bellavistabear in which he, on August 24, 2007, posted a poem acclaiming the future of manned space travel. To Mars and, perhaps, other planets. Or so he seems to believe. Here is his posting. Following his posting and my response to it… Read More
This is a story of a planet not unlike our own, in a universe much like ours. It follows the life of Braydon, a young man who lives and works in the Resource district of his great city. The whole nation is jubilant, as they prepare for the Crowning Ceremony… Read More
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