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A short "heads-up" on the story about my journey into the stars. Read More
After a boy build his store, an intriguing discussion begins because of a man who asks for bread. Originally written in Portuguese. Read More
For several thousand years ago when it was easy to distinguish good from evil, light from darkness, Veryer where placed on earth. These Vaeryer could travel forward and backward in time and was placed on earth to protect humanity and preserve the balance between good and evil When a Vaery… Read More
By her longing past, Cliche moves on with everyone saying 'no' to her relationship with her teacher, Mr. Woodsboro. And by then she thought that everything was set to be okay, but, it wasn't. A month later the break - up, a suicide was announced around town, until they knew… Read More
Hiyanne Fitzpatrick moves back to Glamisville as she continues junior year in town. Living back in England had claimed her to be the most regretful yet. As she had her way in the train, she accepted a call from Marienne Striver, a close friend in the neighborhood. After, Ashley Cannings,… Read More
Everyone speculated about how the world was going to end but what if it was ending and you didn't know how or why. A group of young adults end up entwined in dealing with the shadows. For their safety, and those of the ones they love. How much can each… Read More
Three kids left on the wasteland planet that was once earth, must save the planet, one robot busted to pieces at a time. Read More
Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming sequel to "The Trail of Mysteries". Read More
Miara went away because it's her mating season (Lupa only ovulate once a year, and some of them are very affected by it), but finds a Hunter, and offers Eiry the chance to go with her. But it isn't all fun and games, especially when Taki gets involved. Taki is… Read More
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