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Two strangers. One universe. Many lives at risk. Read More
A story of a young man seeking to be strong for his own purposes. But unfortunately, he was fated to be weak since the day he was born. This is a story on how he strives to that goal, and what he found at the end. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The testing of a wondrous machine, the disappearance of an outstanding mind and the life of a young boy will soon be intertwined across the globe and haunted by menacing creatures. Read More

Book / Science Fiction

November 11, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

"Funny, I was expecting a literal monster. I was told that you tear people apart so that was why you were put in a secure room. You don't seem like an aggressive man. Not to mention you are quite handsome for a creature based off of a monster, both in… Read More
After Lone is found by her new master, Kai Saskia, she regrets being saved but decides to change her life for the better. However, her new master wants her to join her cause to rid the galaxy of the evil and corrupt. The only way for her to do this… Read More
This is my story for day ten of my flash fiction challenge. I didn't post a story for day nine because I wants satisfied by the story I wrote for yesterday's prompt. I hope you enjoy this short Sci Fi adventure. Read More
Day eight of my 30 day flash fiction challenge. I am rather proud of this one because I have been writing despite a head cold and sinus headache. So, hopefully I'm not editing with day quill goggles. Read More

Book / Fantasy

October 06, 2018

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The Review Chain House

This is the canon story to my Pangea comic strip run, if they don’t match word for word with certain strips it’s just because I couldn’t fit the words into the strips. Checkout the strips on Instagram by searching the hashtag MaxOfPangea Read More
I am doing a 30 day flash fiction challenge, this is my first flash fiction story. If you want to do the 30 day challenge you can find the daily prompts on my profile. Good luck. Read More

Featured Review by hullabaloo22

"A nice piece of science fiction flash. Fully told in not so many words!" Read More

This story is partially an actual recurring dream I had. I expanded it to where I thought the dream would have gone. Read More

Tags: dream, strange, scifi

This book may contain mature content: Strong Language In a freighter ship, in the deep of space, to the unsuspecting captain who is soon to find himself come toe to paw with the worst pirate ever to be known in his short reign as captain. This pirate… Read More
Join an epic journey across the Milky way galaxy to save the galactic society from ancient dangers and enemies... don't worry if it's too short. this is just the first vol. from a trilogy and more is already on its way... don't forget to rate my work, for all… Read More
On Matching night, every 18-year-old is assigned a lifelong romantic partner. But after a couple of mishaps, Jeff Alan ends up Matched to the worst possible person. How is he supposed to fall in love with somebody who's in love with someone else? (slash, m/m) Read More
Jalynn and Jakob have known each other since they were little. Each loves the other, but when it came to the ROboTake, they got even closer. Now, with Jalynn out of the house, and Jakob's new love, what will they do? Read More

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The Science Fiction House

Prophesied to become the strongest person of all time, Kayoro is hunted down and kidnapped when he is a baby by Aorann Hans. 15 years later, he is taken to an assassination academy, fulled with students hypnotised to kill. Desperateto expose the academy for it's lies, he sorts to… Read More
Cythera Parker is a bounty hunter flirting within the laws of a futuristic society. She finds herself unwillingly tracking a fugitive across space. What's the cost? About 2M cryps currency and possibly her life. Read More
Kelly Titan is the beginning of a science fiction universe where the reader will explore the origin story of a supervillain with a mental disorder and a deep understanding of AI programming. However, many antagonists start their journey as someone good, but the perspective will change over the course… Read More
Nick his brother and Alex are moving to a new town to pursue new jobs after their parents die of a pandemic that has taken a lot of the world Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Nicholas finds himself aboard a spaceship along with a group of teenagers, traveling farther and farther away from Earth. Now, they must work together to find a way back, facing incredible dangers on strange worlds, while on a starship hellbent on reaching its destination. Back on Earth, an FBI… Read More
The crew of the Altroid have a quiet night in. Read More
Writers of self-help books are fond of telling you that life always offers you a second chance, it is called tomorrow. This is all very well. It's something you can look forward to. But, what if you could have your second chance yesterday? This would mean that you still… Read More
Natalie Kettle is a ten year old girl that can see the future. Some things are better left unknown. Read More
When four demons are summoned through blood sacrifice, the already tumultuous planet Sirge falls prey to a supernatural enemy. With a healthy dose of superviolence, "The Yin Chronicle" tells the story of Yin, the most powerful of the Thi Asblut, robots created solely for the purpose of war. Gifted… Read More
Mankind has transitioned to living in an endless virtual wonderland. Their brains have been translated into code, and they now exist freely as immortals. The question is raised of whether or not they can still be considered humans, and what this means. Read More
What would life be like if all the adults on earth suddenly disappeared into thin air? Would the ones left behind survive and thrive or will they fall into chaos and anarchy? Follow Oscar and Crystal as they try to navigate a world without adults. Read More
Alison's finding her emotions in a time in which things are so unusual. She will figure her was through a very controversial, and... complex first love Read More
This is an adaptation of the legendary fight between Beowulf and Grendel. I decided to change up some of the details to a sci-fi setting, something I excel at. The main plot points crucial to the original story are there, but the way things look are definitely different. Also,… Read More

Tags: horror, scifi, beowulf

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