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August 02, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

James is an 8th grade robotic genius who made an 'Artificial Intelligence' he called 'Robina'. The resulting project was successful for his science demo but the AI mysteriously learned how to become a real human. Read More
A quest to return a wandering spirit to their resting place turns into a fight for survival. Read More
This book is a compilation of 10 science fiction and speculative fiction short stories by the author from his two previous short story collections, Book of Dreams and Book of Dreams 2nd Edition, as well as two new stories written in 2013. Its scope extends from the innermost dimensions of… Read More
This is a sample from my newest published short story, Amor Vincit Omnia (Love Conquers All). It is a science fiction tale with a twist that that deals with humor and a bit of honest romance with the serious topic of the intrinsic need of human beings to find and… Read More
A story of Ines and Eva shortly after running away from Heaven. Read More
In the north, a brutal war wages between city-states. Every day countless lives are lost in the skirmishes. This story is not about that conflict however, instead taking place south of the city. Where a group of misfit soldiers are not so much deployed as they are exiled. Read More

Tags: dark, horror, war, scifi

Knightwatch Guild answers another chaotic call to action a little over a year after taking down the WorldRunnerOS system, attempting to stop the advance of a dark coalition set against them, and eradicate the newest chapter to spring out of the WorldRunnerOS legacy before it is released worldwide... Read More

Tags: action, fox, scifi, anime, manga

Five extra-terrestrial friends embark upon the journey of a lifetime. Read More

Tags: fiction, science, scifi, sci, fi

Timculés was born with a special gift to control time. He could send humanity into the far past( stone age) or the far future(Quantillion Years or googol year). Miss Molly taught them an exciting lesson on the ages and era of human existence. This ignited Timculés and his girlfriend's interest… Read More
Life and Revenge Book One: Reanimation Wyatt has awoken in a strange room, a continent away from his last memories, and suffering from a strange affliction. He sets off on a journey to return home and learn what has befallen him. BOOK ONE OF A THREE-PART NOVELLA. TO BE COLLATED… Read More
Within a nation once known as North America, the United Sovereignty of New Egypt now exists. Pharaoh leaders, worshiped as gods, rule over their Evo-lved and Unevo-lved human subjects, boasting an equal society between those with superhuman abilities and those without. But inequalities remain, as favored Evo-lved prowess is both… Read More
Zoey co-inherited the Lost in Space Wrecking Company after the recent death of her father. In this first appearance, she takes on her stepbrother Morris to teach him the ropes of the company. They dive right in for his first wrecking job, but the circumstances are a bit abnormal. A… Read More
In the mid-1800s, a war broke out, not between North and South, but East and West. The meager denizens of the Frontier fought back, forming the fabled Covenant of the West, an alliance between outlaw and lawmen. Together, they pushed the Atlantic States back across the Mississippi and formed their… Read More

Book / Romance

April 07, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

For twenty years, the world has undergone changes that have made it where people are no longer safe to wander outside. Jordan, being in a coma for ten years, wakes up with no memories except of that night and has to find her brother, if he is still alive. Read More

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The Science Fiction House

A post-modern take on the classic fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood. Read More

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The Science Fiction House

Lewis only has a few hours to find the boy, and the trail has gone frustratingly cold. There is one option, it could even work... is it worth the cost? Read More
Seijo City, Japan, 2021 Society has been suffering under a phenomenon for 5 years now. If anyone says a figure of speech, they will turn into monsters called Mojidori. But if a Mojidori can turn back into a human, they retain their powers they had as Mojidoris. These superpowered humans… Read More
The magnetic poles finally flipped once again exposing the planet to extreme levels of solar radiation. The Sociopolitical climate collapsed leading to mass anarchy and panic. The sudden loss of all the world's electrical technology reset it to an ancient dark age. From the ashes civilizations hurry to rebuild the… Read More
Desperation is the father of invention. In CERES 2525 you fly along on the Sci-fi Action Adventures of Ceres Tauri, 25, superstar of the zero-gravity league. He desperately searches for his mother, long held captive among the Galactic's 500 colony worlds. When he too is kidnapped by the pirate fleet,… Read More

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March 10, 2020

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The Review Chain House

This is the canon story to my Pangea comic strip run, if they don’t match word for word with certain strips it’s just because I couldn’t fit the words into the strips. Checkout the strips on Instagram by searching the hashtag MaxOfPangea Read More
A novel about a god called Teki who is a tourist and the covenant he makes with a young librarian Named Sam to be his passport to a universe of endless possibilities. Read More
Last chapter of the Ascension short story. Read More
First chapter of the The Ascension short story. Read More
When Eleven's carrier freight breaks down unexpectedly it's not the only thing she didn't see coming Read More
This is a fun, short sci-fi story. After a peculiar set of events, humankind manage to voyage to distant stars. This story tells the tale of one very unique expedition, in the Star Bridge 17 craft. Please let me know if you enjoyed it and would like to hear part… Read More
the third volume of the Saga is finally here, hope you enjoyed the ride and the journey, and do so on this part. Read More
Sylvas, a land ravaged by war and drought sees its inhabitants decide the next course of its history as few look for a haven to call home. Read More
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