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Payton Daelyn isn't your ordinary teenage girl. She's quirky, nerdy, and everything off-the-beaten path, especially when it comes to her Evo - a special ability that most people have in one way or another due to the Earth mineral, Morphinite. As a result, she has been forced to keep her… Read More
A young humanoid boy named Darius traverses through the infamous Sylvasian desert, as he gets lost while on a supply run. Read More
the third volume of the Saga is finally here, hope you enjoyed the ride and the journey, and do so on this part. Read More
A remastered edition of Dark Dweller, this time with more effort and description put in. Branded as a monster, a cyborg spends his days in a dark room. One day, an android, a being superior to a cyborg, decides to attempt to befriend the ostracized cyborg. However, the cyborg sees… Read More

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November 22, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

The year is 6054 and everyone alive is over 2,000 years old. Technology runs the city of Barbeth, but machines malfuncton. One unexpected error could have the potential to change the world. ~ Cover image found on Deviantart by Wildweasel339: Read More
In a vision of the bright future, EH1208 and EH1209 are humans new home. Samantha and her twin sister Rebecca Geon are college students who start facing problems with a rising group of Bionic humans in EH1208. While this, in EH1209, natural resources are becoming more and more scarce. Each… Read More
Nathan and Daniel are two best friends who run a small electronics repair shop in a quiet Midwestern town. One night, during Daniel's drive home, he encounters something that will change both of their lives forever. Read More

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September 24, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

The sequel to Dark Dweller. Upon his release, Arden (now Aiden) has found a new home with a familiar face. One day Aiden gets replaced, and he and his owner set out to see the world. Is it a good idea, or will the costs be too high? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The Legion Consortia Galacium was the greatest civilization that ever existed. It stretched across the galaxy, made up of more than ten thousand distinct human cultures with over two hundred thousand inhabited worlds. Millenia in age it was connected through a system of extra-spacial conduits called The Mirror Maze. It… Read More
This was a trial run/test for myself before attempting the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge. I also used it as a writing exercise to write a short story entirely with dialogue. The prompt I used was Sci-Fi/A Drug Rehab Center/A Wig On an isolated space station, a mismatched group of… Read More

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August 19, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

When wars, betrayal and prophecies rule the realms,no one notices the dark. Alyra a young women lost her family in one war, then her home in a second one. Seeking revenage agaisnt a Godking, she blames him for letting the guilty of both wars go free. In her quest for… Read More
After a blast that kills almost all of the human race, 8 teenagers remain: Owen, Walker, Kai, Christian, Marshall, Gage, Liam, and the last girl on Earth, Evie. They all must survive their degrading planet, what;s worse, they start developing powers, powers that are dangerous if not controlled. They also… Read More
Dani Payton has a secret, and unveiling her superhuman powers could pose a risk to not just herself, but to national security. Nevertheless, she is determined to forge ahead to a future where she can use her Evo to make a difference in a world where Evo-lved and Evoless citizens… Read More
Lunar's are rarely seen, tall and elegant, the moons gravity has shaped them. but to see one travelling on a grimy spacer transport, who knows what that means. Read More
having secured the zeto crystal, sabina must choose between love and duty. sabina’s quest to open the portal in the sun pyramid takes place straight after the ending of sabina’s pursuit of the holy grail. mentally and physically scarred from her ordeal in israel, sabina finds solace in the handsome… Read More
Many years ago, En-336's planet was captured by the Reqlian Empire. Today however, that all changes... Read More
A futuristic story of society in the distant future. Read More

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From the fire, a dragon is born. Mostly just a passion project Read More
This book may contain mature content: Strong Language In a freighter ship, in the deep of space, to the unsuspecting captain who is soon to find himself come toe to paw with the worst pirate ever to be known in his short reign as captain. This pirate… Read More
Damon Kade is at the Mecha Military Academy against his will for another four years until he graduates. That is unless he leads a five-man team to victory at the annual performance tournament. It seems plausible, especially with his talents. Now he must figure out how to pull his team… Read More
An eyewitness account of what really happened on the Rim colony of Castrovalva. This story is inspired by what happened to the 16th century colony of Roanoke. Read More
Red, musclebound, slightly sulfurous smelling, Beal is a lovable alien left for dead on Planet Earth 12,000 years ago by the Phim, the overlords that control the galaxy. When they return and find out Beal has tampered with humanity's destiny--all Hell breaks loose! Read More
Lyle Beech moves in to his late parents home and is subsequently taken to an alien planet. Read More
second volume of the Saga, enjoy, leave comments, third part will wait until we hit another 1K readers on this Vol. Read More
Arlenm is an alien that comes to Earth to set up his game, which you are invited to. He lures six people to his hotel called the Silent Night Hotel and places them in the tenth room, (the last room). He makes them play his game that his people play… Read More
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