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A dual love poetry, one for the NH and the other for the girl's partner, blended to one with mutual environment. Read More

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He was a lot older but not too much wiser when he tried his Grandson’s scooter. He was at the lake place talking to his neighbor when he said, “If you go get the movie camera I’ll try to ride Grandson’s scooter”. Read More
The Forgotten Scooter is a story for children and can be read my people of all ages I don't know if it's any good but hoping people will like it Read More
Just a little story of me breaking my first bone (: Read More

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Lily is a girl with many talents, she can especially sing. She always wanted to be famous. One day she decided to sign up for a school talent show with her 3 friend Toria, Bree and Alison. From there they became famous. All because of Justin Drew Bieber. Lilly may… Read More
A old scooter looks back at its happy old days..... Read More
Not many 16 year olds would hate the thought of meeting Justin Bieber, but Katherine Reid does. When it’s announced that teen sensation Justin Bieber is visiting her high school, the 16 year old blond and her bad ass boyfriend do nothing but laugh. But could Justin’s good boy charm… Read More
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