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A story about a good and naive stuttering boy named Sean who works as a waiter, and is always being mocked for his speech impediment by his colleagues. His only friends are his father who is in a wheelchair due to the time he served in the army, and a… Read More
They say to write what you know, but this flash fiction tells why that might not always work. Read More
Life story of Levy as she walks her path to Erotica. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Beginning of a screenplay I wrote for a creative writing class! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I am one of the many big fans of the ‘Seinfeld’ show who was disappointed in the final episode. The following is the final episode I would have liked to have seen. Enjoy. Read More
Pythagoras was a Greek Philosopher known for the Pythagorean Theorem. His Theorem is widely used in mathematics, physics, architecture and many other sciences. His CODE however that predicted future events, remained a sealed secret... Read More
Two men, Bobby and Ralo, lifelong friends from the neighborhood, sit and talk by the riverway they've adopted as their favorite drinking place. Bobby chooses to be a working man, while Ralo took to the streets. Read More
Two young black men from the South, Boss, the brains of the operation, and Tummy, his portly Brother-in-law, have ventured into the illegal business of smuggling narcotics across state lines. Boss dreams of opening up his own Jazz cafe' someday. Tummy pledges to help Boss achieve his dream in hopes… Read More
A woman reflects upon the strained relationship with her mother Read More
Welcome! Are you ready for a slap stick adventure filled with danger, drugs, action, love, and much more! follow the adventure of our hero and his crazy life (being revised) Read More

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Mick Jackson has always been an opportunist in every respect, from being a High School dropout, to hanging around with the wrong types. His image, as strong as his Street Cred, has led Mick to become one of the most respected people of Redstone City, Resheen. When he offered the… Read More
This is a fanfiction to the freeform show Stitchers. It is about a young boy who arrives at the house of Kirsten Clark one night. His mother had just died and unbeknownst to him (and Kirsten) he is a part of a government experiment. I own no rights to original… Read More
The story is set in Present day but also 2017. The story is mainly about a dancer called Emma. She finds out she’s got Lung cancer and moves away from her closet friends for a year. When she returns home no one know why but Emma has secret that she… Read More

Poem / Memoir

March 05, 2019

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The Christian Writers House

This poem will make you think never again as an entertainer. :) Read More
A book of scripts for a play. Ironically, Lalin Hemmingway along with a group of her friends are matchmakers but she fears of finding love herself. What's more, due to this hobby, she's bound to lose her broken-hearted best friend. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A one-act play I wrote in a fiction class a few years ago. What will Lazarus learn about us? Read More
it is a melodramatic is for a moral for what models and zero size clothes do to the community. Read More
Distant future, when Human Cyborg defines the distortion of the 4th dimension, using the highest capacity of the subconscious. When he finally figures out it was nothing but two edges, and he is still human but a cyborg. Read More
Got to many unfinished projects, but decided to try my hand at a Western. It is just meant to be an old fashioned Western with modern influences. Read More
Another goodie from IB Film. Really just wanted to see if the format works on Booksie, if not, I'll take it down and post in essay format. Read More
A script I'm writing which is my attempt at science fiction. Feed back would be appreciated. Read More
Attention! Attention the old librarian shouted you his honored guest. Tonight! we have tales of old and new and even a salvation or two! The first act will star our Beautiful Soprano Withered Rose and The Painter Salvatore. Please enjoy the show, we will introduce each act as the… Read More
Enter Doom ("What do you mean, that name is taken?"), supervillain extraordinaire. Jevons is just doing his best to keep up. (Or, a short, one-scene script inspired by the writings of Wodehouse. Fair warning: this is exceedingly silly.) Read More
Everyone wants freedom, but some people aren't willing to fight the battle. Join Victor on his fight for freedom. Sorry that was a bad description. Read More
An almost completed shoe-string budget script which seemingly about zombies, but is really about exploitation. Read More

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