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Free 7 day devotional : “Revealing a real enemy.” By copying and pasting the Link below here into your web browser you may read the free devotional from this link as , Shalom Aleichem (peace unto you.) ???????????????????????? Copy & Paste, Link. Read More
How does a song and it's lyrics create such a following that, through time, it can move anyone listening to their knees. Read More
A short devotional on not only hearing God but listening to Him through His Word. Read More
When you teach or preach make sure you are loyal to the truth of Scripture. It is God that is to be glorified, not ourselves. Learn from Jesus' example. Read More
At a loss to come up with a meditation for each bead of the rosary? Does sacred art inspire you to more fervent prayer? In The "Divine Word + Sacred Art Rosary" each "Mystery" (section of the rosary pertaining to particular events in our Lord's life: birth, public life, death… Read More
A great-grandmother reminds her two great-granddaughters to remember the Lord while they are young. Read More
Join me on a journey into the known and unknown, fact or fantasy. Can we know God? Who is God, who is the creator? Read More
There is only one way to be right with God, only one way to get to heaven, and that is through Jesus Christ. There are five things that support this truth and they make up the acronym "flaps." Read More
We need to speak up for Christ and He Himself is an example of how to do so. Read More
Faulty, deceptive worship practices take place all across the world. These excessive, biblical practices need to be exposed for what they are. Read More
What do you treasure? Whatever it is it reveals your heart. Read More
Divorce is not an easy topic, so let's take a quick look at it in the context of Christianiy. Read More
Many people have a misconception about what the Reformed faith believes in regards to God's love. They continually make the accusation that someone of the Reformed faith cannot believe that God loves everybody. Well, I am of the Reformed faith and I DO believe God loves everybody so they are… Read More
What do math and Scripture have in common? Math speaks a language all its own in Scripture. Read More
I wrote this poem after reading a book a friend of mine offered. These verses were used in the books, and I like them a lot. Enjoy!! Read More
An essay designed to encourage Christians to make personal Bible reading a part of their daily walk. Reasons include the need to provide one's heart with the truth necessary to avoid being coopted by those who misuse scripture against the ignorant. Methods, versions, and approaches are also discussed. Read More
(Muslims who read this are reminded when a prophets name is mentioned below please repeat S.A.W, thanks) Muslims must absolutely thank the Christians for being here and to have the right to practise the faith of Islam. Muslims you might think that I am crazy but its the absolute truth.… Read More
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