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A day before Marly's wedding, she asked her Dad to go to Manila to attend her wedding. Her dad was shocked, What! is this a last minute call? It's a little bit funny so you have to read the whole part of this script Read More
Marly got pregrant with Kim as the father. But Kim wanted to abort the baby, will Marly agree? Read More
How to mend Marly's broken heart now that she left her most beloved Neil? Just keep on reading. Read More
Marly confessed to Neil about having an affair with a Taiwan guy who have touched her. What will be his reaction? Keep on reading, this is the saddest part of Marly's story. Read More
Marly and Kim were getting more closer until something happened to them which should not supposed to be. Marly had nothing to do but cry. Read More
Marly felt so mad at Nel when the boy told her that somebody is getting crazy about him, even wanted to get suicide when the later knew that the boy has a long time lover in Manila. What is Marly's reaction about this? Better read it..... Read More
A script written for the Home & Away Frankie Monroe Scriptwriting Competition 2009. Read More
Marly was afraid of telling Maam Fe about the fact that she was hired in a certain construction company in Subic. Read More
This part is the most unique adventure in the life of Marly, how she managed to succeed in searching for a better posterity. Her secret is patience and perseverance. Read More
Marly faced too many life's challenges, full of excitement and adventure . It's so unbelieving, yet it's true. Read More
Marly had no other option but to follow the will of the wind. She decided to move to Bataan for the first time. Read More
Marly arrived in Manila for the first time. Just seeing around Manila Bay, she already wanted to go back home. How bad was the air she inhaled. But then she realized why not go on trying. Read More
Marly recieved a telegram asking her to go to Manila for interview. What would be her decision about this, will she go or not? Keep on reading Read More
Neil rushed to meet Marly. They were so much happy to see each other. The good news also was her Dad went back to her family. That's God's amazing grace. Read More
Neil visited Marly in her workplace. Joy filled their hearts upon seeing each other again. Just keep on reading. Read More
I found difficulty in displaying Kabanata 23, so I joined Kabanata 22 and 23. Marly got Migraine. Her dad was so worried about her. He visited her in their house. Would it be the beginning of their family unity? Better read it. Read More
Marly met a new friend named Neil, a very handsome guy with Spanish blood. Please continue reading. Read More
Marly finally decided to break her relation with Val though it was so painful for her. A year after,Val decided to go back to Singapore for work reason, thus made Marly's heart groaned much in pain. Before the guy left, he begged her to go with him. Will she agree… Read More
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