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FOR ANY CASTLE FANS - Beckett and Castle have finally solved the murder of one of their fallen comrades. They want to pass along the news to his partner, but will he even comprehend it? Read More
hi guys! Just another short story, this time more of a news report, based on the poem 'Mid-Term Break' by Seamus Heaney. Reviews and improvements are very welcome! Read More
Seamus was just an arrogance teenager boy, with a regular girlfriend, normal life,popularity and no royal family. Then when he decided to mess up his history teacher's house he found a pile of stories about a heroic prince and a magical mirror that reflect the image of a Prince William… Read More
Seamus Finnigan knows Sophie Lyons likes him. Sophie knows Seamus likes her. So why aren’t they together? Because they have a friendship that could potentially be ruined if they were together. But sometimes staying apart when you feel this way for one another can ruin things too, especially when others… Read More
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