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I am sure I can write successful book of how to make it happen, how to succeed in your private business. Back in the 40's, this distinguished man, put on the train in Istanbul (or maybe Izmir), Turkey, headed to Palestine. He joined his uncle in Haifa and stared to… Read More
She always needs to be different from the group. I started to think that she very much needs the attention and she drags the Jewish DJ with her. Ok. Back to the boat. As I said it was packed with New York finest. All kind of party people that I… Read More
Lately I have being thinking. When you grow up people ask you who your hero is. I never thought of him as one. I was young. I didn’t know what the real world was like. Even during my early twenties I haven’t refer to him as one... Read More
I thought we were doomed to leave with a clogged drain. I thought that was my life. To wash my face every morning in the bathtub and try to keep an eye on the way Evy was washing her face in the sink (she didn't agreed to use the tub… Read More
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