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James is confused how are they still here what happened on this ship. Explore the deep and intriguing story of many different soldiers fighting on a hidden batttlefront. Read More
Willow Ross’s life is going nowhere. She didn't have a job. Willow has been living with her dad Hank who is a police officer. Hank told Willow that she should become a writer. Dana’s cousin Grady Ross is unemployed too. Grady’s mother encourages him to be a writer too. Dana… Read More
Single friends meet in a restaurant to celebrate Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day. Each may be holding back a secret. Read More
Malevolent beings are hunting On the fringes of an awful town, Carnivores of every shape and size Hoping to run their quarry down. Read More
Loathsome Creek is fetid green And nothing decent could live there, But indecent creatures roam the banks And blighted things fly through the air. Read More

Poem / Horror

January 14, 2023

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The Booksie Classic House

Made of ancient yellowing leather The Leatherman haunts the forest, Hunting for some human prey Ever moving, almost never at rest. Read More
On the island of terror No-one dares go out alone, Goodness is a dream there Only fear and hate are known. Read More

Poem / Horror

January 13, 2023

Hypno saunters into town Plotting evil in his mind, Hoping to enthral innocents Or anyone he can find. Read More
The Huntsman carries a two-headed axe As he stalks through the darkened forest, Hunting for a very special creature Hoping to send it to eternal rest. Read More
Human prey is hunted Within the loathsome night, Carnivores are prowling Innocents are about to die. Read More
The hunted roams 'cross the globe Throughout verdant forestlands, Throughout murky weedy swamps Right across hot desert sands. Read More
The hungry jungle devours Anyone foolish enough to come, In through its awful stunted foliage And are not fast enough to run. Read More
Horror fills the dreadful night As shrill howling fills the air, Creatures from Lovecraftian tales Far too much for the mind to bear. Read More
In a repulsive corner of the land The Reaper sows a loathsome harvest, Scything everything he encounters Until all goodness is laid to rest. Read More
Terrors fill the ghastly night As Leviathans come out to play, Monsters of all sizes and shapes Frolic 'neath the blood moon's rays. Read More
Gatermen haunt terror swamp Hoping to devour women or men, Lurking silently in murky reeds Then lurching forward once again. Read More
Frozen terror comes lumbering Toward the people in a frozen waste, Knowing it can easily outlast them It keeps lurching on without haste. Read More
Evil is creeping from the dark Upon this loathsome night, Where even those strong at heart Could so easily die of fright. Read More
From beyond the void of space Insectile abominations fly, From out of space, out of time Reaching Earth in the dead of night. Read More
From out of the murky deeps Aqueous beings slowly emerge, Coming forth to walk on the land Spreading outward, an evil scourge. Read More
From out of the night Foul omnivores are hunting, Pig-like monsters loudly snuffling Then so foully grunting. Read More
From out of the shadows Creeps foul abominations, Imps, and elves, and pixie folk Terrors of many denominations. Read More
From out of the darkness Slink sinister creatures, Loathsome in their countenance With unbearable facial features. Read More
From out of the dark Horrid visages loom, Strange man-like beings That hunt beneath the moon. Read More
Evil passed down through the aeons Every lasting and so ever strong, Even the bravest cannot resist it As it continues ever on and on. Read More
Dreams of madness fill your head Tearing at the fibres of your brain, Until you feel your senses reeling Have you truly gone insane? Read More
Terror stalks the dark streets Shambling down unlit alleyways, Lurching after unwary souls Beneath the blood moon's rays. Read More
Unfolding around your mind The dark secrets of the night, Send you running for cover To await the broad daylight. Read More
A dark secret of the night Abominations roam the street, Hunting for the unwary Hoping very soon to feast. Read More

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The Vintage Publishing House

An excerpt from my novel "Crescent Sublime"... Read More
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