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The Badass Girl's Guide: Uncommon Strategies to Outwit Predators is the one book criminal predators don't want you to read. Filled with critical information about how to empower yourself to keep from becoming a crime statistic, this definitive, comprehensive guide contains facts and strategies not found in other personal security… Read More

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A poem based on a real event that I recall hearing about in the local news. This was a while back, but it sort of came to mind for some reason when I started writing the first two lines. Read More
We live in a dangerous world...are you ready? This brief Article outlines some very basic self-defense ideas and tips that anyone can use to stay safer in their day-to-day world. Read More
An article about self defense. Read More
How can we keep our schools and society safe from Mass Murdering Shooters? Some communities are already doing it. What steps the Federal Government is proposing for Gun Control and how it should protect you? Read More
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