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What if the tools that we relied on stopped working and could not serve us anymore? Read More

Book / Young Adult

December 22, 2021

nova anderson. the girl who was dealt a horrible hand in life. abusive uncle. dead parents. bullied in school. overlooked. under-appreaciated. broken. all she can do is keep to herself and survive. she has problems trusting people and believing in the goodness in people, but that will be her drive… Read More
A haiku poem about awareness. Read More
A haiku poem about love in a mystical world. Read More
An intergalactic piece of poetry. Read More
An intergalactic piece of poetry. Read More
A poem about healing and realization. Read More
A haiku poem about self-discovery and confusion. Read More
evolving is the author's journey of self-discovery and all of the life lessons that she learned along her path. the story is universal and will resonate with readers as they review and try to understand and come to terms with all of their significant relationships and events in their life… Read More
A poem about self-discovery and confusion based growth. Read More
A short story of 200 words. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

What does “living life on your terms” encompass. A few thoughts of mine on this topic Read More

Book / Fantasy

September 22, 2020

The last thing Maggie expected was getting sent to Kingstone Boarding School for Girls. In fact, the last thing she was expecting in general was private school. Images of boring classes and pious classmates flashed through her mind. She couldn't be more wrong. Read More
A poem highlighting a search for meaning Read More
This story is based on the teachings of Buddha which I'm learning and trying to accomplish the state of Nirvana. This is not a propagation of the religious issues and it is a compilation of what I have learnt in recent days about the life to live in a different… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Microtale: An art of saying big things in lesser words. Read More
I am a very beginner writer. I'm interested in writing young adult and self-discovery adult novels. What I'm working on right now is a girl who travels on her own through Europe. I want the story to have some humor in it as well as some existentialism on where happiness… Read More
This story focuses on a teen who finds himself in a strange world where he has forgotten who he is. He doesn't even remember his name. His journey of self-discovery will require the help of allies new and old. Read More

Poem / Poetry

October 07, 2018

Self discovery Read More
A poem on Self Discovery and the blessings of chaos in seeing reality. Read More
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