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September 21, 2023

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The Booksie Classic House

A book of poetry on the nature of transformation after pain and suffering have become a catalyst for your divine purpose on this earth. This is a story about the rise after the fall. Read More
Sophisticated Excellence is a book series that explores the mechanics of life on four levels. Becoming a 21st Century Magician, the first volume of the series, explores the dynamics of personal high performance. Becoming a 21st Century Magician is divided into four parts: The Basics, Advance I, Advance II, and… Read More
welcome to "fearless: taming your dragons and unlocking your potential." this book takes us on a journey through the complexities of fear by exploring its various aspects while also revealing how we can unleash our full potential. fear has been an integral part of humanity's existence since time immemorial, serving… Read More
Welcome to “Overcoming the Heartache: Ways to Understand and Get Past the Pain.” I extend my hand to you, my fellow traveler on this path of transformation, for I too have known the depths of anguish and the crushing weight of a broken heart. This book is born from my… Read More
Guide to being a more successful person Read More
In his new book titled "Unleashing The Power Of The Mind," Ayis Caperonis shares what has helped him deal with depression and how one can overcome their own. The author shares motivating and inspiring stories of people who overcame adversity. Explosive theories, concepts, and perspectives can increase one's ability to… Read More
Be Yourself or be a Liar! Those your only two choices. Read More
What are your thoughts on the universe? Have you not discovered its wonders yet? It's about time you formed personal assumptions. While your existence is remarkable, there's no shortage of assistance in this matter. Take the lead in unraveling the untrodden path to success! Envision the accumulation of wealth and… Read More

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Reading has become somewhat of a lost art, and I wanted to explain one of the reasons I love to read through this essay. Read More
Throughout this article, I wanted to present the little-known benefits of writing. Although many associate the practice with the acquisition of a letter grade or a promotion, it has more significant advantages that are not stated as much as they should be. Read More
As yard sale season approaches, here are some common-sense tips to help the event go smoothly. Read More
Are you looking for change in your life? Do you not know where to start? That was me a year ago. This article gives a little motivation to try changing habits and routines in your life using my own personal experiences and books I have read to hopefully motivate change… Read More
Whenever you try something new you can guarantee that something will come along to challenge you whether it is a big obstacle, a set back or doubting thoughts. In this article I share a small overview of how I started to find my passions and hobbies again. Read More
You're not that great, but neither is anyone else is a hilarious take on the importance of negative emotions and how they can be used to improve your life. Read More
Do you always feel the need to share every success on social media immediately after it happens? Are you dependent on others opinions to make yourself feel happy or proud of yourself? I want to challenge you to be proud of yourself first. Read More
Have you ever wondered how nutrition plays a role in your mental health? This book by Lisa Parkinson Roberts goes into great detail about ways you can support your mental health. Read More
Thank you for visiting. Book sales support non-profits and community initiatives that improve mental health and quality of life. Check out my books at Feel free to ask questions. Have a blessed day! Read More

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March 08, 2023

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The Booksie Classic House

thoughts about how to live life! Read More
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