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the struggles and story of a child with amnestic disorder. Read More
Self Realization speaks about realizing one's hidden potentials and exposing them to the outer world. in short, it speaks about unleashing one's hidden powers. Read More
As humanity awakens from its slumber, and the dream of individuality, new ways of existing and interacting with one another are coming to the fore - and V is blazing a trail! Read More
This is an interesting piece, in that I wrote it in the midst of some serious aftershock in Christchurch. It is a combination of fiction and reality, it is basically a story that I wrote in response to the disaster that hit the city. Read More
Confessions of a [Wannabe] Misfit, Part 5. Jay devises a test for the group. Read More
A transcript of Part 3 of Jay Sawyer's "Becoming the Anomaly" presentation, in which he talks about the problems of spiritual seeking, our greatest fears, and the greatest miracle of all. Read More
Partial transcript of Jay Sawyer's recent presentation in which he speaks about the nature of identity, the illusion of choice, and the Grand Conspiracy of life - in which we are all co-conspirators! Read More

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November 21, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

Written for a friend, who is a girl who has everything, including an over-abundance of lovers who left her soul to starve. Read More
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