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The entire narrative is improvised. It's essentially a terrorist attack on San Diego, CA. I made a point to keep it under 1000 words so it may be lacking some details, but that is to be expected with experiments like this. I have no idea what this story will be… Read More
A brief discussion about the facts concerning banning High Capacity Magazines and Assault look alike weapons and the results of doing so. Read More

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January 19, 2013

Genre;; Fantasy, Horror, Adventure, Action, Drama, Semi-Romance. Ever wonder what else is out there? What if darklings and exostic non-humans creatures existed? Where are they and how have they been hiding this whole time in society? This is a story based on events wrapped around a teenage girl who warps… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

What would you do if you had to decide whether or not to live after a fatal car crash that has already claimed the lives of two loved ones? What would you choose if you really had no reason to live? Five friends go out one winter day, and in… Read More
A Chronicle style tale of a man of legend in his world. Follow his past present and future stories in this semi blog format, where not only L.J. Stevans posts but others from his life posts about and sometimes to him. His beginnings appear humble but his life turns on… Read More
ANDREA MEETS HOWARD, the TRUCK DRIVER from TOWNSVILLE, Queensland, Australia. Howard a truck driver commissions her services as one superb lady of the night but then asks her to contact him as he wishes to confide something in her. This after her refusal to join him in his over-cab for… Read More
BILLY learns a history lesson from a new tiny friend. Read More
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