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This is a sequel to "The Girl Among The Boys" it's a collection of mini stories I was going to use for a full second book, but didn't make the cut. It's pretty messy honestly, but if you liked the first book you might like this one :) Read More
When a new group of Box Jellyfish invade Australia, Cassie Grahame, a marine biologist, attempts to stop the sea creatures before more humans die. The first sequel to Attack of the Box Jellyfish. Read More
Camp Crystal Lake, 1982. Jason Voorhees is dead. Or is he? When a new group of campers arrive at Camp Crystal Lake, the killer comes back to life, and resumes a reign of terror that causes problems for everyone in town. The fourth YA Friday the 13th horror novel. Read More
Camp Crystal Lake, 1981. Jason Voorhees is at the hospital unconscious. When he escapes, he comes back to the campgrounds, and resumes getting revenge on the campers, and counsellors. The third YA Friday the 13th fan fiction horror novel. Read More
Camp Crystal Lake. Friday, June 13, 1980. After the deaths of several campers, Alice Louise Hardy, Steve Christy, and the other surviving campers spend their week at the camp unaware that Jason Voorhees is still alive....and hell-bent on revenge. The first YA Friday the 13th horror sequel to Camp Blood. Read More
It's been roughly thirteen years after Zanbongfar's defeat. Zan and Ayumi now have four children. Though the three youngest children have began to manifest abilities, Sanziri, the first born manifests no abilities. His siblings try to cheer him up but unbeknownst to them, he is not depressed and has been… Read More
It's a story of two best friends. The boy named Rahul, a IT professional, proposed Anu, who is one of his best friend. Will their love story will touch the milestone at last? or will get a new milestone that one couldn't imagine? Read More
A year later, Marla Sanders and a new group of campers, return to Camp Crystal Lake, unaware that Jason Voorhees is seeking revenge. The first sequel to Camp of Legend. Read More
A sequel poem to 'Win Or Lose'. Read More
London, England, 1962. Arthur Flanagan, the MI5 Agent, is obsessed with finding the real killer who is still on the loose. With the help of his fellow agent, and girlfriend, Mary, they're determined to arrest him, before its too late. The first sequel to The Englishman. Read More
A stand-alone story, also a sequel to 'Naughty Or Nice?' Written for a prompt at the Imaginarium House. Read More

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November 07, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

Things are looking up for Dave, who has more than he could ask for. The problem is that his live-in girlfriend is legally dead, even if she's walking around and breathing. The problem is that the friend of a man Dave sent to prison for killing said woman, has… Read More
Ohio, 1986. Bethany is still babysitting when yet another killer in loose in Ohio. When she gets paid to look after Joe again, she puts herself in grave danger yet again, when she hears about the haunted Sheppard House, that has a dark past. Read More
Ohio, 1985 The killer who attacked Bethany last year, has been arrested and taken away to prison. When she continues to babysit, the horror of the Sheppard House preys on her mind. Read More
New York, 1812. It has been several months since the village of New York was exorcised. When Becky Shore, a twelve year old girl, goes into the dark woods, she is possessed by Elspeth Darrow, and a new reign of horror continued. The first sequel to The Woods girl. Read More
New York, 2,600 AD. Andrew and Tanya are still living in New York in the future in which technology, and bright neon signs in Times Square, dominate the city. As the United States Government control everything on-line, they're future is placed in doubt. Read More
This is the sequel to my book 'The Divine'. 'It's Not Over' is a book based on the return of few who had not finished what they had started. Angered by being resurrected Elizabeth is determined to help her friends end a great war then return to her much… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

After besting his long time enemy, Shawn finds his home burning down and his sister missing with nothing but a note that states "I have your sister, meet me inside the hole in the middle of the woods if you want her to live signed: Dark Wolf." After seeing… Read More

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The The Bumbo House House

You should probably read the first one before reading this one. Read More

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The The Imaginarium House

A sequel to my short story, 'Not Beaten'. Read More

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October 11, 2017

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The Fandom Fanatics House

She was strong, brilliant, beautiful, and it was time she learned just how much she meant to me. Read More

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September 08, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

The truth about the world we live in. Read More
Insect's owners move house, but Insect wants to be with them so he goes looking for them Read More
This is one of my early works. If you have ever read Rumble Fish, this is what I imagined happened after. Read More
The sequel to "My Friend Mary" Mary's point of view Some topics may be sensitive to some viewers such as: abuse, strange sightings, etc. Read More

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This is the sequel to The Four Towers. In this book Aidan, Brock, Celeste, and Ruby must face the fact that their kingdom is no longer theirs, and try to gain it back, all while dealing with drama and a newfound love! Read More
The short sequel to They're Not My Girls. Everyone leaves us with something, and whether we incorporate those "somethings" into ourselves or find them in other's, well, that's not up to us. Read More
I wrote back to the Lone Soldier, Written by my sister, Britney. I have your back forever. Read More
This is my own sequel to Roald Dahl's creepy short story, "The Landlady", because I always wondered what happened next. Reading the original isn't essential (or shouldn't be), but if you haven't read it then it's definitely worth a read! Please feel free to leave feedback letting me know what… Read More
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