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A piece I revised from English. That I got a 4 for. Before I revised it. It sucked then, and it sucks now too :) Read More
This is a song that makes no sense until you read the story. But I think it's kind of awesome anyway. I will be making a novel (yeesh!) with the lyrics to this songs, so enjoy, love :) Read More
Melody always felt that everyone hated her, so much so that she decided to get drunk one night... and maybe things would've turned out differently if she hadn't had a gun... Oh, and let me know if you think that Willow's name would have been better instead of Melody's. Hmm...… Read More
Willow right before she commits suicide. Read More
This takes place in Willow Bycroft's world. This is what she wanted to happen when Jace left... Please R&R Read More
This is for a contest. Please comment, tell me what you think? Read More
I know it's short, but I wanted to say happy birthday to Gerard Way, lead singer of My Chemical Romance. Read More
Well, it's right there, duh. Oh, and the link to Shadow Killers is there, just click on Shadow Killers. Read More
This is a take on My Chemical Romance's Helena. Pleas comment and tell me what you think? Read More
Please comment :) I know it;s really short, but I would love your opinion if I should continue it as a novel. Read More

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Please comment :) Read More
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