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They are right. We are living in an ancestor simulation. Under some arcane law for a culture we know nothing about Sentient Intelligences have a right to exist. What happens when the academic group studying ancestor behavior runs out of funding and must sell the entire project to a media… Read More
An object of power crashes onto earth, shattering into pieces and giving strange and wondrous powers to those who touch them. Five years after the event, those changed are known as the Silverings and are feared and misunderstood throughout the land. The change ripples out through the world, political powers… Read More
A Mystery on many levels is just beginning to unfold in Crux Harbour, where things are not exactly what they seem. Read More
Mila Reyes was just starting out on the police force. Words could not describe how excited she was to be returning home to serve the fine citizens of Sikesville, a small midwestern town. Tragedy soon strikes home though, as a popular teacher is mercilessly murdered and Mila is thrust head… Read More
A suicide hotline agent goes the extra mile to help his callers. Read More
Women are dying left and right in beautiful Paris. All the people in town are blaming the town vampire Dan Ocean. But is he really to blame or is a mass killer on the loose? Sally Strand is trying to get away from her horrible past. She and her family… Read More

Book / Horror

April 24, 2018

Enter the mind of serial killer who hates humanity and believes humans arevthe most evil species in existence. A pure villian who is convinced he is the hero. Read More

Book / Action and Adventure

February 21, 2018

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What would the world actually be like if superheroes exist? The Gift tells the story of a boy name Raito learning that he possesses something called a Gift and now wishes to become a superhero thanks to the new powers he has. However, he's not the only Gift that exist.… Read More
With every night, there's a new victim. No trace of the murderer remains except for a single number. Will the new sheriff in town be able to pinpoint how the numbers correlate to the victims? Or will an arrogant FBI agent have to step in? Read More
Somewhere in rural Tennessee, Deirdre Connor has run out of luck. Having escaped the survivor camps posted outside of major cities only to discover life on the run isn't much better than dealing with dictatorships and slavery-like conditions, she's running for her life. When she finds a band of… Read More
This was a quick short story that explored the reasoning a serial killer might use to justify his murders. Also, I really liked doing darker superhero stories and anybody interested could expect more out of the tale of the Broken Man since I've already thought of a few more… Read More
Nelson has the strangest interview of his life. Read More
Occasionally, even serial killers need a support group. Read More

Book / Horror

February 18, 2016

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A local lawsuit of a mental hospital drives some to the extremes... Warning. Graphic. contains in depth scenes of blood and gore told in perspective of a killer Read More
In this world, there are two kinds of monsters. The ones that do the evil deeds, and the ones that stand by and let it happen. There was something that could have been done for Tyler Cain, but she was trapped with both monsters on either side. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Frieda Lockner has a secret: she hears echoes of the dead. Caught in the tension between her personal misgivings and this psychic ability, she seeks redemption by using her 'gift' to help Kriminalkommissar Tobias Schluter solve the most brutal crimes. But with a serial killer known as The Stick Man… Read More
More than one serial killer finding one another in the same place, Really? I guess it's more about planning that happenstance, but Dog wouldn't know anything about that. She didn't get involved until well into this story, and she was never a suspect. Read More
A knife rests in the pockets of a bloodthirsty man bent to make his mark on history. But he already had two hundred years ago. Area 51 figures out a way to predict upcoming criminals through research of past ones such as Jesse James, Al Capone, and Jack the Ripper.… Read More
Short horror story for a contest about a serial killer in a forest, read if interested. Read More
A real-life account of a tormented soul, the long journey that encompassed both the physical and emotional horror, the darkest secrets and candid expression of a journey that is now filled with understanding, healing, and endless possibilities for the future. Read More
A news reporter receives positive feedback. Read More

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Although incorporated with a fictional character – ‘Romeo,’ the Valentine Serial Killer – Memoirs of a Serial Killer is otherwise based on true events, the history culled from numerous real-life interviews, court transcripts and eye witness accounts. An unflinching look into the mind of one of the most vicious serial… Read More
Ottis Toole, born at the bottom of the gene pool, retarded and illiterate, had been out of control since early childhood. A severely drug-dependent individual as well as an arsonist, murderer, rapist, and cannibal, he was unsafe under any conditions outside of a secure prison, and perhaps unsafe there. To… Read More
Was Henry lee Lucas one of the most prolific killers in American history, or just a 'confession killer,' out for attention and publicity? Read More
For years the Ridgeways have tried to conceive a child. With no luck, they gave up on the idea. That is until they're woke up in the middle of the night, by some surprising turn of events. Soon the Ridgeway's dream will became everyone else's worst nightmare. Read More
Harvey Ghodwin is 23. He lives in a big house on the suburbs of a town called Phonic. Every knows there it a sinner going around. Read More
This is an ongoing story that I will continue to add to periodically. It is a story of love, betrayal, lies, and murder. Read More
This novel is about a duo of intelligent serial killers. They're of particular breed because they prey on heinous criminals and killers who have inflicted much damage to other people's lives. They don't consider themselves heroes: they operate within their cellar and they're much more sinister and twisted when it… Read More
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