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Everyone has secrets. Eight women over the span of ten years have gone missing in the tiny prairie town of Stancombe, Alberta. When a woman digs herself from her own grave, local cops call in the best profiler to chase down a female serial killer: Agent Alyssa Rawkesby. With her… Read More
Ella's life is on repeat. She wakes up, meets the man of her dreams, falls in love, dies, then does it all again. Never in the same place and never in the same time. Through killers, disasters and plagues he is the one constant. But is there something deeper and… Read More
Christian Price is a scientist who suffered a tragedy unsolved by local police. In an effort to right that which he perceives is wrong, he begins to execute experiments in different cities to test the response times of law enforcement agencies. Detective Hardwick is a thirty-year veteran of the Atlanta… Read More
As the title states - this is a side book of scenes and pieces that get deleted as I edit the books of the series. If you'd like to see some of these scenes in full in later books, let me know! Enjoy! Read More

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April 02, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

The thoughts of a world-weary police chief as the death toll rises. Read More

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The Night Owl Hotel House

*Complete* "I am surrounded by beautiful things… but I am not one of them." Agent Alyssa Rawkesby never thought she'd relate so strongly to a serial killer's letter. But the moment she reads it, she knows there is no going back - she must find the notorious Belladonna Killer, even… Read More
William Bonin. Society would call him a monster, he would call himself a god. He knew no man made bounds. He ruled his life as the master predator. All humans were underneath him. People were like sheep. Easily manipulated and slaughtered. He was the hunter patrolling the crowds. He was… Read More
Stephan and Elena went on a vacation and were staying at a hotel. Elena felt something was off about the place when they got to their room. While Stephan is away a murderer comes and kills her and everyone on the floor. Read to see if Stephan makes it out… Read More
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