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<p> A black, ashen ship is stalking the skies, hunting pirates and Regency alike. Penney finds herself tasked with the hunt and destruction of this "ghost ship", unaware that Reaves has received the same assignment. </p> Read More

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The Science Fiction House

It is the year 2020. Four years have passed since Rex Talion formed his Quid Pro Quo. He and his group have slowly moved the the still unsuspected world into chaos. Another war is imminent and the long foretold prophesy of the arrival of the Discarded One is on the&#8230; Read More
<p> Penney is forced to dock the Ruckus at an abandoned tower. In the night, a crew member disappears. In their search for him, Penney and her crew find that the tower is not quite as empty as they thought. </p> Read More
<p> The Ruckus has taken on an unexpected passenger. And it is hungry. </p> Read More

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September 07, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

<p> A story about a universe where all criminals can be caught for a price. The only ones worth catching (for the public eye) are the Top 10. People believe they work alone, others believe that they are actually a team and cannot be stopped. One thing is certain, they&#8230; Read More
<p> The crew of the Rose retreat to a tower to lick their wounds, only for Reaves to be kidnapped by a violent group of rebels. </p> Read More
Thought things were finally making sense? Guess again--Knightwatch Guild is in for yet another insane school year with completely new circumstances altogether! Read More
Penney, Caixia and Smither are separated from the others during an encounter with a Regency patrol. Accompanied by their captors, the pirates are forced to navigate the dark, labyrinthine interior of a tower. Will they reach the light, or die in the dark? Read More
After suffering heavy damages, the Ruckus begins to sink into the depths of the sky. Read More
Penney calls on an old friend for aid, unaware that Reaves is right on her heels. Read More
When Penney's crew comes across a abandoned ship, Smither is exposed to a mysterious artifact, which greatly impacts his psyche. Penney and her crew must keep Smither alive and sane until the madness passes. Read More
In the second installment of the Adventures of Penney Dreadful, Kristen is whisked away by an amorous noble. Penney and her crew give chase, hoping to rescue their friend before she suffers a fate worse than death-marriage! Read More
Five years ago, the fearsome pirate Penney Dreadful and the esteemed admiral William Reaves tried to kill each other. Now, Penney has returned from hiding, her thirst for adventure unquenched. In response, Reaves has been thrust back into active service. Thus, a deadly chase begins. Beset by danger on all&#8230; Read More
Another installment in this series. Read More

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August 09, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

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The House of Ghosts House

What is the greater monster: the monster itself, or the mind that conceived it? Read More

Tags: horror, poetry, series

Day two of Amanda writing in her diary, and she's taken quite a liking to it. Continue reading part 2 of this series to continue hearing her story. Enjoy :) Read More
The first part (introduction) of my mini-series that will be added to daily. It is about the life of a teen girl, Amanda, though her name is not written, as this story is meant to be portraying her diary. Enjoy :) Read More
The Bailey family expected a quiet vacation in a beautiful rented cabin. This dram was destroyed when their children, Timeon and Tara disappeared into, seemingly, thin air. Beset by demons with a mission, Timeon and Tara are at the mercy of the denizens of the Bewitched Woods. As they struggle&#8230; Read More
In a fantasy world controlled by war and fear, a groupe of heroes will travel west to sanctuary. Read More

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This chapter introduces readers to another key character of the Employer Series: Doctor Wilton V.Tenisett. Read More
THE DEAD (SERIES) - BOOK ONE - DEAD-HOPE/DEAD-LANDS © 2017 by Alex Sharpe (Undergoing Editing, Changing.) (About): When a contagious deadly virus cripples the entire American continent, one man and his son are forced to cross the dying country on their own to fight their way to safety. There is&#8230; Read More
Keeping it Real is such an Illusion.Appearances are often Deceptive.Or maybe not...Read on to find out. Read More
A book review on a third instalment to a series I am reading. Read More

Tags: adventure, series

Part 1 of the Liokaviv series. Mairy Perowne and her family moves to Liokaviv, a city in South America, from Texas. She has to adjust her new life with new everyday language and completely new area. Mairy loves books and nature, where she is another girl from the shy looking&#8230; Read More
Lilly Hart was the classic quiet warm welcomed bookstore owner, or at least that's how most people saw her. She stocked shelves, told witty jokes, and made a home for her readers, and finally, now that a newcomer has arrived in town, she would no longer be seen as the&#8230; Read More
Its the late 1600's. A teenage grand daughter gets put into her grandfathers safe keeping for the night. After she gets comfortable he brings up a story of his childhood. he confesses his Demons and his upbringing until in all comes crashing down. Read More
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