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October 21, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

Life in the Sewers Read More
There is a small town named 'Madras' in Oregon, USA, What? Read More
A sewer treatment plant built on the beach front road, where it could be? In Vizag, a large metropolitan city in South India with a population over 2 million. “Whose idea was that?” inquired Juggernaut. “Don’t ask me, I only work here,” replied the irritated lady engineer working at the… Read More
Coconut Grove was neither a recreational area on the beach front nor a decent residential district but a low-lying shanty area under water during monsoons and home for people at the bottom of the society such as rickshaw pullers, coolies, maids, sweepers, professional panhandlers and petty thieves. The raw sewer… Read More
The entire operation at the facility is on auto-pilot, we just sit around week after week, and month after month. What happens next is nothing. The bugs do their job. The active bugs feed on the poop, get fat and die to become manure to be added to farm land… Read More
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