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February 02, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

"What do you want," Tommy asked, looking at the shadow with his eyes, watching it as it paused to a stop in front of him, its large black beak turning slightly to the side. Its beak opened only a crack, and human screaming of men and women, children and infants,… Read More
This is a book in progress. The photo on the cover is me as a 10 year old "female" child. As they say, "a picture says it all." Prologue is entered only for the contest at this time. If enough interest it may be continued on Booksie. If not it… Read More
Jack and Arty Mason are living the perfect life, until they adopt a new son into the family: Daniel. Do you really know who you're letting into your home? Read More
*Mature content* ?He was ethereal. delicate, light. In her eyes, he was too pure for this world. She was damaged. Broken, stripped of hope. Though when she met him: she realised she was selcouth because that's exactly how he saw her ?. (Selcouth) Unfamiliar, rare,… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

ASLO ON BOOKSIESILK We were both breathing hard. “Like I said… you want me.” I fixed my clothes and stepped towards the door and looked back. “I’ll be leaving now, you know staying the hell away from you like you “wanted” “. I turned around and looked at him. He… Read More
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