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This is my first piece I have decided to write about. The therapist says it will help. I am aware there will be punctuation mistakes but please bare with me as I share my story. Comment if you like it and want more or if you want to know what… Read More
**Trigger warning: sexual assault, abuse** Jude begins to wonder how she became a girl who lets her boyfriend, Taren, control her. This is still a work in progress. Read More
Rape victims attempting to get justice are sometimes asked what they were wearing, as a defense for the rapist. This poem attempts to answer this question. Read More
After being raped, Leslie Anders struggles to find the 'normal' after. WARNING: sexual content Read More
One horrible night causes Sophie to go from normal teenage girl to a totally different person. As she spirals down into a depression she gets caught up in the sick world around her, turning to drugs and other forms of release to ease her pain. Can she save herself before… Read More

Book / Young Adult

January 23, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

After three years of being home schooled in the wilderness of South Africa, Cago returns to her home town to finish her last year of High school. What will happen when she has to confront her past all over again? What will people say when they know her secret? Will… Read More

Poem / Poetry

October 13, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

the blues leads to resilience leads to poison leads to parking lots leads to convulsion. Read More
All my life I wanted to find some great friends, maintain good grades, enjoy life, and find the right guy for me. Will this all change? Through my struggles with bullies, confidence, and that one guy my life changed completely. When Garret came into my life I thought he was… Read More
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