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THE MINCER D.J.Vanderstadt¬©2017 The first call from Dispatch came in at around 8 PM. Stench levels reached a critical Phase. Meyer and DeBock were on duty in the Control Room. The unwelcome call interrupted a marathon game of Banzai. Both men were notorious gamblers and not easy to distract when… Read More

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Walter is an artificial intelligence Interfacer, originally designed by his alien makers to investigate human society. Now left in the lurch following their disconnection, Interfacers across the world must forge new lives, and the strange appearance of a man from the old Transcience agency with terrifying news gives Walter new… Read More
A group of civilizations with very andvanced tech and science has fought for hundreds of years with an alliance of civilizations with top-noch magic , just a few know the reasons behind their conflict and nobody truly knows who their enemies are or how they operate, or even how… Read More
This is a self-presenting story. Things evolve in their own pace, and I am not one to predict them. For those who want to spoil themselves or simply what to know what they enlist to, I've posted a summary in the epilogue entitled Afterword. -Spelling mistakes or minor modifications… Read More

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January 09, 2018

Searching for something, or searching something, the world is still, even if it changed. Project currently on hold. Read More

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Meet Uura Takano a normal high school girl who just wanted a normal life. But when she finds out a boy in her class is missing. She goes on a hunt for his return. But when she talks to the class repesenitive she is a quincy! Just then a war… Read More

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Human teleportation had taken the world by storm. But when suddenly the horrific details of exactly how it worked became known to the public, something had to be done to stop it very quickly! Read More
the year 4078. earth is overpopulated and dying. the mega corporation Speresys is starting construction on a base on jupiter, to save humanity. they come up with some competition to find out who is capable enough for the harsh environment of jupiter. only some are invited to compete. Corporal Brent… Read More
A traveler meets a star drive engineer, and trips over too much information. Read More
A SF story that explores the concept of multiple universes, each with four dimensions; and a race between govt agents and a scientist through alternative universes. Read More
When a fake priest suspects a nut has an atomic bomb, who will believe him? Read More
A Lovecraftean Horror story set in the northern suburbs of Melbourne; involving a nuclear holocaust. Read More
A U.S. pilot is shot down by a UFO, then finds his interviewers acting very strangely, as though the might be in league with the aliens somehow? Read More
Science horror story written c.1983. Horrors revealed when a 100-yr-old time capsule is opened. Read More
A very short text about professions in future. And it's _strange_ future... Read More
Tilly's father has pawned her for a huge cash advance to an agency called Family Trade and Loan. She ends up as an exotic dancer, entertaining the filthy rich, but filthy ore miners at the Tranquility Harbor Moon base. She must find her way out of this hellhole and exact… Read More
Tilly's father has pawned her to a company called Family Trade and Loan. She ends up as an exotic dancer at the Tranquility Harbor Moon base, entertaining the filthy, but filthy rich ore minors. She got to find a way out of this hellhole and hunt her father down because… Read More
Fleeing from a devastating war a pilot arrives at a distant colony with an mysterious cargo. Read More
Drink with the ship's engineer at your own risk. I greatly desire feedback. If I can make this better, tell me how. Read More

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This was an ARC review of my YA dystopian novel as it appears on Amazon. Read More

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This is the prologue to my second book in my saga 'The Hymn of Battle'. Please enjoy. Read More
This is a forward to my saga, The Hymn of Battle. The first book is already on sale at Amazon. This is a space opera that spans generations as two empires fight against each other while forgotten, ancient warriors pull the strings. The first book deals with one such warrior,… Read More
Poem about small mobile plants on another world, which resemble insects Read More

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Some say the foo fighters seen by each side in World War One are the first recorded UFO sightings. Read More

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The Adventures of a Greenie (GC IV) A Galactic Chronicles Story by Vanessa Ravencroft Copyright¬© 2012 by Vanessa Ravencroft GALNET ENTRY: GREEN HELL While there are many settled worlds that are classified as dangerous to standard humanoid life, there is a world that exceeds them all and is the only… Read More

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December 09, 2012

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o fata care doar in basme poate exista,fata visurilor,fata care ar face fericit orice barbat Read More
The year is 2134 A girl is sitting by a Window. The massive computerized panel of glass is currently displaying breathtaking scenery from the past. A cottage in the forest. A petite wooden thing, cozy and homey, amidst the sea of lush greens and browns of the trees and colorful… Read More
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